7 Best Boat Manufacturers in California

7 Best Boat Manufacturers in California

Here are boat manufacturers in California that will help you source out your desired design of boats for your business.

When it comes to selecting the perfect watercraft, research is essential to make sure you end up with a vessel made from quality materials that will last for years. 

Fiberglass and aluminum are both robust materials commonly used in boat construction, so make sure to inquire about those options when shopping around.

Don’t forget to ask the manufacturer about their production process as well as what kinds of components they use – this will provide a better insight into the boat’s build and allow you to make a more informed decision.

Types of Boats Available

Whether you are buying tons of boats for your business or you are buying for personal use, selecting the most suitable boat can be tricky, given the plethora of different types available. To make it easier to decide, this guide offers a comprehensive overview of the top 5 boat classes. 

1. Bowriders

For those looking for an enjoyable and interactive experience out on the water with friends and family, bowriders are an ideal option. These boats feature spacious V-shaped seating in the bow with a removable cushion, as well as a bench, rotating bucket seats, and bolster in the stern. 

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Additional features like stowage compartments, coolers, and wakeboard towers serve to enhance your experience while onboard. Make sure your bowrider is equipped with an easy-planing hull and adequate power if you intend to use it for watersports.

2. Cruisers

For those looking to go beyond their home waters, power cruisers are an excellent option. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose from a range of sizes and configurations – from small weekenders to large yachts equipped with multiple cabins, air conditioning, and entertainment centers. 

These boats need to offer appropriate propulsion and fuel capacity for the excursions planned, as well as a cabin with berths and heads, cooking facilities, food storage, and a protected helm station. Some fast-paced models are available for quick trips, while slower but more efficient boats have ocean-crossing capabilities.

3. Fishing Boats

When it comes to selecting a fishing boat, aluminum can be an excellent choice, particularly if you want to save money and keep your environmental footprint light. 

These boats are more lightweight than fiberglass alternatives and cost significantly less, while their dent-resistant construction makes them incredibly durable. 

The one downside is that they typically don’t offer the same performance as fiberglass models – though maintenance is simpler since all you need to do is rinse off fish scales at the end of each day.

4. Runabouts

When choosing a runabout for the waters, you’ll want to consider usage, price, and power/propulsion systems. Watersports enthusiasts may prefer an inboard tow boat or a sterndrive-powered runabout with additional towers and ballast systems. 

Cruisers, on the other hand, should look for boats with removable coolers or built-in refrigerators along with bimini tops – Rinker Boats offers models with standard biminis as well. 

Outboard engines are becoming increasingly popular due to their design flexibility and ability to maximize interior space. To find out if a certain runabout is right for you, it’s best to attend various boat shows and get a first-hand experience of what it has to offer.

5. Sailboats

Sailing cruisers are the ideal vessel for extended voyages, offering spacious interior volume and stability. Expect to find private staterooms, a full galley, a stand-up head compartment, and a navigation station all belowdecks. 

Photo Credit: Marine Insight

Additionally, these vessels often include reliable inboard diesel engines, ample tankage for fuel and water, and automated sailing systems with gennakers to combine the advantages of a genoa jib and a spinnaker. 

For trips of extended length and duration, a generator may add more convenience – making sure that you’re always ready for whatever adventure awaits on the horizon!

Best Boat Suppliers in California 

1. Eliminator Boats

Location: 10795 San Sevaine Way, Mira Loma, CA 91752, United States

With over fifty years in the business, Eliminator is renowned for its commitment to craftsmanship and customizability. Customers have a range of color, graphic design, interior layout, and equipment options available to them, with new models being developed through advanced design and construction technologies. 

Each boat as it leaves the factory is totally unique, with no carbon copies; technicians pay careful attention to every detail. To complete the service they offer, they have an interior shop, fiberglass gel coat repair services, and audio/detailing services – all of which go a long way towards making Eliminator a successful leader in the boat-building industry.

2. Sanger Boat Inc

Location: 3316 E Annadale Ave, Fresno, CA 93725, United States

At Sanger Boats, craftsmanship is king. Each of the limited production boats is carefully made in California’s Central Valley, using small parts all built under one roof to guarantee quality. 

The business is proudly run by siblings Mike and Kathy Davidson; it was Jack who passed on his passion for boating to them. Mike, a talented boat designer, is at the cutting edge of boat design, while Kathy runs the business operations and created her own line of “Sanger” apparel through KD & Company. 

With their combined expertise and eye for detail, Sanger Boats continues to push boundaries in the nautical industry.

3. Moose Boats LLC

Location: 1175 Nimitz Ave Suite 150, Vallejo, CA 94592, United States

For over two decades, Moose Boats have been custom-building reliable diesel and aluminum boats for a variety of applications. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, these no-nonsense vessels are engineered to provide optimum reliability and durability. 

When businesses need a vessel that meets their mission needs, Moose Boats offers two incredible catamaran models – the M1 and M2. With powerful twin marine turbo diesel engines and waterjet propulsion, users can expect speeds of up to 40 knots with the M1 hosting a crew of 10 and the M2 able to go where other boats cannot. For businesses facing maritime tasks, Moose Boats offer an ideal solution for heavy-weather conditions.

4. Barron Boats

Location: 161 S Peckham Rd, Azusa, CA 91702, United States

California’s Barron Boats is the premier boat manufacturer for any restoration needs. Their team of skilled technicians specializes in reviving boats through the gel coat and top coat repairs or replacements, as well as small repairs and full restoration services. 

Barron provides a wide range of additional services such as interior design, marine mat flooring kits, Mercury Certified engine, outboard/outdrive jet service, and electrical and rigging services to fit customers’ needs. No matter the kind of watercraft you own, Barron Boats is committed to bringing back its shine.

5. Tahiti Offshore Boats

Location: 21414 Harvill Ave Suite 2, Perris, CA 92570, United States

Based in California, Tahiti Offshore Boats is renowned for its commitment to craftsmanship, value, performance, styling, and comfort. 

Featuring boats such as the 21 Skier, 23 Deck, 277 Deck, 266 Deck AO 2800, 287 Party Deck, 26 Cat, and 288 TR 322 Deck & 230 XS – each boat is built with the finest materials available for optimal reliability and durability. 

Whether you’re looking for an off-shore adventure or just a sunset cruise on the Colorado River – Tahiti Offshore Boats provide a quality product for every boating need.

6. Willard Marine

Location: 4602 North Ave, Oceanside, CA 92056, United States

Willard Marine, Inc., is a 9001:2008 certified boat manufacturer with facilities in Anaheim, California, and Virginia Beach. With expertise in marine engineering and manufacturing, as well as quality assurance and testing, they have developed specialized vessels that meet or exceed USCG and ABYC standards. 

They have been awarded several contracts for their vessels including a 20’08” rigid hull inflatable boat for NOAA’s Pacific Island Fisheries Science Center and a 33-foot, fiberglass harbor patrol boat for the Oceanside Police Department. 

Boats built by Willard Marine include RIBs, SOLAS boats, cabin boats, and riverine and excursion vessels – all held to the highest quality control standards through innovative materials, processes like fiberglass vacuum infusion, and a strong commitment to quality assurance. For mission-proven boats, you can count on in the United States, look no further than Willard Marine.

7. Columbia Yachts

Location: 308 E Dyer Rd, Santa Ana, CA 92707, United States

Since its inception in the late 50s, Columbia Yachts has been a trusted name in the yacht building industry – renowned for classic designs, comfortable features, and hardwearing construction. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and precision construction, modern iterations of Columbia Yachts are efficient and easy to maintain. 

Based in California, their flagship boat, the Columbia Carbon 32 is designed for everything from family sailing to offshore racing. With a long legacy of quality craftsmanship, Columbia Yachts has become one of the most respected boat manufacturers in the state.

Wrapping Up

It’s important to take the time to find the right boat manufacturer – not just for a high-quality product that meets your specifications, but also for exceptional customer service and ongoing support. 

Choosing an experienced manufacturer can save you money in the long term with warranties, repairs, and maintenance services to extend the life of your investment. Doing your research is key to finding a reputable boat manufacturer that will exceed expectations and provide unparalleled satisfaction.


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