10 Best Custom Electrical Enclosures Manufacturers

10 Best Custom Electrical Enclosures Manufacturers – Request a Quote Now!

With enclosures becoming more adaptive to our everyday needs, it is important that we find ourselves a very accessible custom electrical enclosure manufacturer to help us with our needs and wants personal or business.

Custom electrical enclosures are quickly becoming an indispensable part of our digital world. Manufacturers are leveraging leading-edge fabrication and engineering techniques to provide custom solutions for a range of applications, from simple cabinets and junction boxes to complex control panels and robotic systems. These tailor-made enclosures help guarantee top-notch protection for valuable components and systems, no matter how unique the needs or specifications may be.

Here are the top 10 manufacturers of custom enclosures to help you with your business or personal needs.

10 Custom Electrical Enclosures Manufacturers

1. Maysteel Industries, LLC

Custom Electrical Enclosures Manufacturers - Maysteel

Location: 6199 County Rd W, Allenton, WI 53002 

Maysteel is an industry leader in complex sheet metal fabrication, with a proven track record of over 80 years. The company has established strategic partnerships with suppliers across Europe, Mexico and the United States, allowing it to offer custom-made OEM enclosures, kiosks, cabinets and racks for every possible use case. Featuring engineering excellence and impressive design for manufacturing skills, Maysteel’s experienced team is committed to delivering quality products that meet diverse customer requirements.

2. Polycase

Custom Electrical Enclosures Manufacturers - Polycase

Location: 1305 Chester Industrial Parkway, Avon, OH 44011-1083

For over 50 years, Polycase has been perfecting its engineering design expertise, resulting in being the premier custom electrical enclosure manufacturer. With innovative teams constantly developing modern enclosure systems and cutting-edge techniques, businesses can be sure that Polycase’s highly-rated products are made right here in the United States with fast turnaround and next-day shipping. Featuring durable solutions ranging from simple potting boxes to complex enclosures, customers can rely on Polycase for the perfect product for any application.

With options of aluminum, plastic, or steel enclosures, both indoor and outdoor varieties are available to meet any desired design. Businesses can trust Polycase’s NEMA-rated enclosures, along with essential potting boxes, to find the perfect fit for their project.

3. Equipto Electronics Corporation

Custom Electrical Enclosures Manufacturers - Equipto

Location: 351 Woodlawn Avenue, Aurora, IL 60506-9988

Founded in 1960, Equipto Electronics Corporation is a top Custom Electrical Enclosures manufacturer with a state-of-the-art facility based in Aurora, Illinois. The experienced team at Equipto offers customers an array of standard equipment enclosures and the ability to customize their design. Through direct customer interaction, the team is able to tailor their product to individual needs for an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Using Custom Electrical Enclosures from Equipto Electronics Corporation, businesses can guarantee the best protection for their delicate electronic components for reliable performance over time.

As a top Custom Electrical Enclosures Manufacturer, Equipto Electronics provides a range of products and hardware to satisfy industry requirements. These include:

  • heavy duty cabinets
  • EMI-shielded cabinets,
  • R6 electronics enclosure
  • N6 shield NEMA cabinets
  • FCC/VDE shielded cabinets
  • sub-rack card cages and chassis
  • challenger cabinets
  • solid system cabinets
  • heavy duty desks
  • instrument cabinets

Along with these items, custom design services and modifications are available for personal or business use. Quality is of the utmost importance for Equipto Electronics; each product surpasses industry standards.

4. Computer Components Corporation

Custom Electrical Enclosures Manufacturers - CCC

Location: 2751 Southampton Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154 

CCC is a Custom Electrical Enclosure Manufacturer that puts its customers first. With cutting-edge technology and equipment, CCC offers products of the highest quality in a timely manner. As an ITAR and ISO:9001 certified minority-owned business, they provide excellent service to their clients.

With advanced machinery and experienced staff, CCC meets any manufacturing requirement quickly and accurately. Working with CCC guarantees that businesses receive only the best results for their Custom Electrical Enclosures–made with precision and professionalism.

CCC is an established custom electronic enclosures provider, offering a wide range of services in manufacturing, engineering, and on-site finishing of thermoelectric cooling and heating devices. They specialize in sheet metal enclosures, electromechanical assembly, and computer enclosures. Those seeking top-notch custom electronics solutions can trust CCC to deliver the best results with their expertise and professionalism.

5. Earnest Products Inc.

Custom Electrical Enclosures Manufacturers - Erneast

Location: 2000 East Lake Mary Blvd., Sanford, FL 32773

Earnest Products Inc has been a leader in the electronic enclosures and sheet metal fabrications industries for more than 25 years. With an ISO 9001:2015 certification, they are committed to providing top-quality products and services that meet the highest standards. They have the expertise and experience to handle any challenging issues their customers might come across.

Earnest Inc. takes pride in its meticulous attention to detail and documented procedures during the sheet metal fabrication process. From quoting to shipping, they make sure that a high-quality product is created with precision according to customer specifications.

The New Product Development (NPD) process is also carefully monitored by verifying new product quality via a checklist and sharing First Article Inspection (FAI) data with the customer. Businesses can rely on Earnest Inc. for superior sheet metal fabrication work each time.

6. Allied Moulded Products, Inc.

Custom Electrical Enclosures Manufacturers - Allied Moulded Products

Location: 222 North Union Street, Bryan, OH 43506 

Allied Moulded Products is a premier custom electrical enclosure manufacturer, offering a wide variety of solutions for industrial and residential applications. Their customizable fiberglass and polycarbonate enclosures come with additional accessories to meet any particular requirement. Businesses looking for the perfect enclosure solution can trust Allied Moulded Products to deliver quality results that provide lasting durability and protection.

7. Bison ProFab

Custom Electrical Enclosures Manufacturers - Bison Profab

Location: 12519 Wanda Ln, Magnolia, TX 77354

Bison ProFab is a reliable custom electrical enclosures manufacturer, offering free-standing, pole-mount, solar battery, walk-in and wall-mount structures made of aluminum, stainless steel or steel. They also provide back panels, EIA racks, fan panels, shelves with slide-out drawers, and brackets for switches. Customers all over can trust their products to be durable and dependable.

8. Container Research Corporation

Custom Electrical Enclosures Manufacturers - COntainer Research Corporation

Location: 2 New Road, Aston, PA 19014 

When it comes to reliable and durable custom electrical enclosures, businesses can trust Container Research. With decades of experience manufacturing for various industries, from aerospace and defense to transportation and alternative energy, they offer complete production services including initial design, testing, containers, platforms, weldments and packaging materials.

Their metal reusable shipping and storage products are great for industrial applications, ensuring each product is up to standard.

9. e-Systems Group

Custom Electrical Enclosures Manufacturers - eSystems Group

Location: 100 Progress Parkway, Conklin, NY 13748

e-SystemsGroup is the leading Custom Electrical Enclosures Manufacturer, offering customers made-in-USA products that are of the highest quality and best value. Their innovative designs incorporate advanced market advancements to ensure that their solutions meet the most up-to-date standards. 

They offer an extensive product line, including custom-engineered control room consoles, data center racks, technical workstations, security reception desks, surveillance consoles and more. With e-SystemsGroup, businesses can trust in the integrity and reliability of their Custom Electrical Enclosures.

10. Fabcon

Custom Electrical Enclosures Manufacturers - Fabcon

Location: Santa Ana, CA 92705

Fabcon is a leading contract manufacturing company in the United States, located in Orange County, CA. With over 40 years of experience, they are ISO 9001-2015 approved and SBA HUB zone certified, offering customers quality services like:

  • engineering design services
  • precision sheet metal fabrication
  • Machining
  • electronic assembly,
  • powder coat painting
  • silk screening
  • final assembly & testing

Their 120K square foot facility provides state-of-the-art services along with worldwide logistics support. Fabcon guarantees that all their products are made with utmost quality and reliability – making them ideal for a variety of domestic and international markets.

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These top 10 companies offer different competitive services. I hope this list of custom electrical enclosure manufacturers will help you greatly.

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