Aluminum Pergola Manufacturers

12 Best Aluminum Pergola Manufacturers

Aluminum pergolas are the preferred choice for outdoor structures because of their longer-lasting lifespan and low maintenance requirements. Constructed from corrosion-resistant aluminum, these pergolas offer greater durability than wooden models without as much upkeep. 

Imagine crafting the perfect patio or deck, only to realize that your materials need to withstand more than just time – they need to brave the elements too! 

Drawing on our extensive construction industry background, we’ve tackled the exciting challenge of designing and installing aluminum pergolas in some pretty demanding conditions. 

Many aluminum pergola manufacturers now also provide extra features such as pre-cut panels for easier installation and self-locking nuts for a secure fit. This combination of desirable qualities makes an aluminum pergola an attractive and resilient addition to any home that can last for many years to come.

Whether you’re looking for powder-coated aluminum or galvanized steel finishes, manufacturers offer a range of styles that are designed to bring a modern look to any outdoor space. 

From gardens and patios to covered lounge areas, sizes and colors are abundant available from the many manufacturers available on the market today. Make use of the experts in aluminum manufacturing to add beauty and functional comfort to your home or business spaces.

12 Aluminum Pergola Manufacturers

1. Absolute Aluminum, Inc.

Location: Venice, FL 34285

Absolute Aluminum, Inc. offers custom-made aluminum pergolas as solutions for condominiums. 

These adjustable louvered designs can be installed into existing or newly constructed pool enclosures, providing a range of operational features – such as ceiling fans, lighting, customizable colors, and wood grain powder coating – to satisfy homeowners association regulations and provide an enhanced outdoor living experience. 

In addition, the company’s retractable solar screens, outdoor curtains, cooling/heating systems, and app-controlled options make their pergola perfect for any purpose. All of Absolute Aluminum’s constructions are certified for quality by industry standards.

2. Goodwin-Cole Co., Inc.

Location: Sacramento, CA 95826

Goodwin-Cole Company, Inc., established in 1920, specializes in the design, manufacturing, and installation of freestanding and attached aluminum pergolas. 

Their bioclimatic models feature adjustable louvers that can be installed as either a single unit or alongside walls. Secured by four or more posts, these pergolas provide comfortable outdoor living spaces with fixed or retractable roofs. 

With over a thousand satisfied customers, Goodwin-Cole Company has developed a reputation as a dependable aluminum pergola manufacturer. Along with aluminum pergola services, the company also provides contract textile cutting services through their AutoMetrix cutting table.

3. Alenac Metals

Location: Palm Springs, FL 33406

Alenac & Associates is a family-run aluminum product manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. They provide custom-made items such as pickets, screens, glass panel railings, Bahama shutters, louvers, pergolas, and trellises. 

Their turnkey system integrator options, in addition to their in-house warehouse facility, make them an ideal choice for welding and aluminum fabrication projects. Moreover, Alenac also offers secondary services like design consultation, shipping, maintenance, and painting that are tailored toward the construction and commercial markets’ needs. 

Their team of industry experts ensures top-notch solutions and quality products to meet their client’s desires. As the leading aluminum pergola manufacturer on the market today, Alenac & Associates guarantees excellent results alongside a reliable team of professionals.

4. Royal Corinthian

Location: West Chicago, IL 60185

Royal Corinthian is a renowned manufacturer of aluminum pergolas and other architectural products, from columns and balustrade systems to mantels, stove hoods, and corbels. 

Capable of producing molds in-house and offering various finishes such as white marine-grade gel coat, paint-grade white, and primed white paint grade, the company caters to customers with durable material options like fiberglass, artificial stone, polyurethane, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), PVC cladding and glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). 

Businesses can find value in the broad selection of millwork made from any one of their available materials such as RoyalStone™ columns and balustrades, RoyalCast™ fiberglass columns and balustrades, RoyaLite™ fiberglass columns with column covers, cornices, and domes; RoyalThane™ high-density polyurethane balustrades; RoyalConcrete™ G.F.R.C fireplace surrounds plus hoods for stoves and facade elements; alongside RoyalWrap™ PVC column wraps sheets & boards—all made in the USA.

5. Carolina Recreation and Design

Location: Mooresville, NC 28117

Carolina Recreation and Design is your go-to choice for integrating aluminum pergolas, as well as site furnishings, playground equipment, surfacing for playgrounds, and sports and fitness equipment. 

Their extensive range includes freestanding aluminum pergolas, park picnic shelters, gazebos, amphitheaters, restrooms, arbors, and splash pads – perfect for resorts, restaurants & cocktail bars; HOA’s daycares or churches. 

They also specialize in ADA-compliant swings, climbers, slides, and bridges suitable for public spaces. Businesses looking for top-notch aluminum pergola and playground manufacturers can rely on Carolina Recreation and Design.

6. AHT

Location: Ft Myers, FL 33913

Family-owned Advanced Hurricane Technology (AHT) has established itself as a leader within the Hurricane Protection Industry since 1993, earning an unparalleled reputation with its custom aluminum pergola shutters, bug screens, and solar panels. 

In addition to these protective measures, they also provide custom gutters, outdoor furniture, cabanas, pergolas, and awnings – all designed with fairness, honesty, and integrity at heart. 

Contractors, homeowners, and architects in Naples, Florida can look to AHT for their aluminum pergola components and hurricane protection solutions due to the company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

7. Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens

Location: Wallingford, CT 06492

Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens is a reputable manufacturer of aluminum pergolas, cabinetry, and refrigeration products, backed by their in-house powder coating capabilities. 

Their full range of services includes reverse engineering, product development, short-run production runs, prototypes, and complete packages. They provide service to any institutional market including firehouses, hospitals, universities, and colleges with ADA-compliant aluminum pergolas from Denver – available in different sizes and with straight or arched tops. Businesses looking for aluminum pergola manufacturers can trust Denver for their aluminum fabrication needs.

8. Average Joe’s Pergola Depot

Location: Melbourne, FL 32935

Pergola Depot is an American-made manufacturer of aluminum pergolas and accessories for outdoor living. Their pre-cut, pre-drilled products are ready to assemble with easy installation across the contiguous United States. 

All of their offerings are designed and constructed with quality in mind at various price points so customers can find something that meets their budget. Above all, Pergola Depot’s staff stands by their A+ customer service rating and passionate commitment to providing beautiful products that will add value to a home for years to come.

9., Inc.

Location: Miami Gardens, FL 33014-6417® is a premier aluminum pergola manufacturer and industry consultant, serving Architects, Landscape Architects, Exterior/Interior Designers, and Contractors worldwide. 

With a wide selection of aluminum products such as retractable folding lateral arm awnings, vertical drop arm awnings, screens, canopies, and motorized awnings, in addition to their specialized pergola covers, these offerings are ideal for both residential homes and commercial venues. 

Customers benefit from adjustable sun protection with the ability to adjust the level of shade or light they receive with unparalleled flexibility and convenience. Perfect for outdoor living or entertainment areas, swimming pools, hot tubs and patios, decks, and courtyards –’s aluminum pergola products provide maximum protection against sun rays, UV rays, wind, and rain as well as providing bug protection.

10. Imperial Productions & Distribution Inc.

Location: Scarborough, ON M1P2X5

Imperial Productions & Distribution Inc. is a leading provider of standard and specialty aluminum products, such as pergolas, bases, capitals, carvings, ceilings, and more. Businessmen can trust in their expertise to provide the necessary components for all of their building needs quickly and effectively. As a top aluminum pergola manufacturer, they offer facades, headers, furniture legs, lunettes, medallions, moldings, and metal panels as well as pediments and railings in order to make projects easier and more efficient.

11. Finehouse, Ltd.

Location: Maurertown, VA 22644

Finehouse, Ltd. is a specialist in the manufacturing and distribution of superior aluminum pergolas and outdoor building materials. Their pre-engineered systems enable businesses to quickly construct classical garden structures from modular blocks with components delivered directly to their job site. 

Professional builders and designers can trust Finehouse, Ltd. for quality aluminum pergola systems and additional outdoor construction materials such as architectural columns, decking, lumber, trellis, and a variety of fasteners, hardware, and flashings.

12. Wellco Industries, Inc

Location: Vista, CA 92081

Wellco Industries, Inc. is a well-known provider of aluminum pergolas and other landscape, electrical, and construction materials. 

Their wide selection of products includes aluminum pergolas, columns, planters, and garden lighting as well as stakes, pole riser guards/cable guards, conduits, cable trays/ cable ladders, cross arms, and lighting poles plus conduit rods, reinforced cores, cooling towers and wastewater plants for marine projects. 

With top-notch aluminum construction products and equipment at their disposal, Wellco Industries is the preeminent choice for businesses looking to enhance or create their landscape with quality aluminum pergola options.

A Deeper Comparative Analysis of Select Aluminum Pergola Manufacturers

Now let’s compare some key players to understand what sets them apart:

Absolute Aluminum, Inc. vs. Goodwin-Cole Co., Inc.:

  • Absolute Aluminum, Inc. specializes in adjustable louvered designs, perfect for customizability and control over sunlight and shade. Their strength lies in their additional features like retractable solar screens and outdoor curtains, making them ideal for residential pool enclosures.
  • Goodwin-Cole Co., Inc., on the other hand, excels in bioclimatic models with adjustable louvers. Their pergolas are more suited for larger spaces like public parks or commercial establishments due to their capacity to cover wider areas.

Alenac Metals vs. Royal Corinthian:

  • Alenac Metals shines with its custom-made solutions that are versatile for both residential and commercial spaces. They are a go-to for clients who need tailored solutions like Bahama shutters or glass panel railings alongside their pergolas.
  • Royal Corinthian stands out for its broad range of architectural products. Their aluminum pergolas are part of a larger suite of products that can provide a cohesive architectural style, ideal for clients looking for a comprehensive aesthetic overhaul.

Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens vs. Pergola Depot:

  • Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens is a top choice for those who seek an integration of outdoor cooking and living spaces. Their aluminum pergolas are part of a larger ensemble that includes outdoor kitchen cabinetry and refrigeration, perfect for those who love entertaining outdoors.
  • Pergola Depot focuses on providing a wide variety of designs at different price points. They are particularly suited for DIY enthusiasts, offering pre-cut, pre-drilled pergola kits that homeowners can easily assemble.

Wrapping Up

We hope this article has helped you choose the right aluminum pergola manufacturer for your business. Our hands-on experience in designing and installing aluminum structures, especially in challenging environments, highlights the importance of choosing the right materials. Our work ranges from crafting patios and decks to designing fire-resistant and structurally sound modular structures which underscores aluminum’s resilience and adaptability in outdoor settings.

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