Top 7 Makeup Palette Suppliers

7 Best Makeup Palette Suppliers

Looking for the best makeup palette suppliers in the market? We’ve rounded up 5 top-notch makeup wholesale suppliers for you to contact!

The cosmetics industry is one of the biggest in the world, with billions of dollars being traded annually. Consumers around the globe purchase numerous different types of beauty products and accessories, ranging from eye shadow and foundation to makeup brushes and other tools. 

In order to help those who are interested in stocking up on these items for their business, this article has compiled a list of the top 7 wholesale makeup suppliers in the world. 

At a glance, the Top 5 Makeup Palette Suppliers are:

  • Audrey Morris Cosmetics (USA)
  • Lady Burd (USA)
  • Modern Basic Cosmetics (Canada)
  • Jordane Cosmetics (Canada)
  • Kasey Beauty (China)
  • Alchemist Labs (Greece)
  • Everfavor (China)

These suppliers are perfect for smaller stores or online boutiques since they offer quality merchandise at competitive prices, in either bulk packages or mixed assortments. 

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to get involved in the makeup industry and start their own business, as you can access some of the best cosmetics suppliers around!

Top Wholesale Makeup Suppliers in 2023

1. Audrey Morris Cosmetics

Audrey Morris Cosmetics is a leading makeup palette supplier, contract manufacturer, and private label manufacturer in the world. Their USA-manufactured makeup palettes are renowned for their high standard of excellence, and customers can customize their palettes to suit their needs.

The company offers an array of luxurious cosmetic palettes featuring mirrors that encourage creativity when applying makeup. Customers can also choose from a range of mineral-based and traditional makeup formulas.

Audrey Morris Cosmetics is the go-to source for all your wholesale makeup, cosmetic, and skincare needs, giving you access to high-quality products at an affordable price. With Audrey Morris, customers are guaranteed quality assurance with every bulk purchase.

The world’s leading makeup palette supplier

Popular among their products are private-label eyeshadow palettes such as Light Kit, Warm Kit, Rich Kit, Autumn Vibes and All 1 Need Palette. 

  • Light Kit has 7 tablets – mirror, 2 blushes, 4 eyeshadows and 1 foundation. 
  • Rich Kit is a compact set that includes four eyeshadows, one foundation and two blushes. 
  • Autumn Vibes offers twelve color combinations of light and dark eyeshadow shades. 
  • All 1 Need has an array of 12 colors in both light and dark tones for more customizable looks. 

These palettes provide the perfect base to create any look with ease and convenience. With these private-label eyeshadow palettes, clients can enjoy choosing their array of high-quality makeup palettes.

Key Products

  • Paraben Free Cosmetics
  • Mineral Base Makeup
  • Highly Pigmented Cosmetics
  • Skincare products
  • Palettes, eyeshadow palettes, makeup palettes
  • Eye products


  • MOQ: $200 with a 3 piece minimum of each color or product.
  • Samples available at a minimum cost

2. Lady Burd Exclusive Private Label Cosmetics

Lady Burd is an exclusive private-label cosmetics manufacturer based in New York. With a technologically advanced facility and modernized lab, the manufacturer is reliable for developing and producing almost any color cosmetic imaginable.

Lady Burd has been manufacturing quality cosmetics for over 53 years.

The company has been selling quality and highly-profitable products for more than 53 years.

Their extensive range of eyeshadows boasts thousands of colors and formulas, with a team of experts ready to create custom eyeshadow and makeup palettes and tailor-made formulas. 

Lady Burd’s products are sold globally, making them a popular choice for businesses and individuals searching for top-of-the-line private-label cosmetics.

Whether you need an off-the-shelf product or something more specialized, Lady Burd has the knowledge and experience to meet any cosmetic needs. With over five decades of research and development, you can trust in their quality and reliability.

Key Products

  • Indelible Creme Eye Shadow
  • Eye Lights
  • Liquid Metal Shadow
  • Frosted Eye Shadow
  • Bold Effect Shadow
  • Matte Eye Shadow
  • Metallic Velvet Shadow
  • Mid Size Eye Shadow – Frost
  • Mid Size Eye Shadow – Matte
  • Super Silky Shadow – Frosted
  • Super Silky Shadow – Matte

3. Modern Basic Cosmetics

Modern Basic Cosmetics, a Canadian-based company established in 2000, specializes in custom and private-label cosmetic products. Offering a range of makeup palettes, they also provide an innovative turnkey printing service to laser print logo onto eyeshadow palettes. 

With no minimum order requirements, this is the perfect choice for startup businesses. Their custom manufacturing services allow entrepreneurs to design unique eyeshadow formulas. Ingredients and pigments can be tailored to create a customized product, and luxury packaging options are available for added distinction. 

All this is done with the safety of knowing the manufacturer takes on associated liability and risk.  Modern Basic Cosmetics is an ideal choice for those looking to produce a custom formula and make their mark in the cosmetics industry. 

Key Products

  • Private labeling and custom manufacturing of makeup palettes
  • Retail of blush and contour, etc
  • Bronzer and highlighter
  • Makeup brushes
  • Brush cleaner
  • Display blocks
  • Lipsticks
  • Sampler kits

4. Jordane Cosmetics 

Jordane Cosmetics is a private label manufacturer that specializes in creating luxury eyeshadow palettes for customers. The company does not use Talc, which is commonly used to make blush, foundation, and eyeshadow products, but instead offers more than 50 shades of talc-free eyeshadows. With the highly-pigmented eyeshadow formulas offered by Jordane, customers will look great even without a base or primer.

Key Products

  • Shimmer
  • Brow Pencil
  • Mineral Cream Eyeshadow
  • Primers
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Eye Pencils
  • Eyebrow Pencils
  • Eyelash Serum
  • Blush Palettes
  • Concealer Tray
  • Concealer Wheel
  • Contour Palettes
  • Empty Palettes
  • Eyebrow Palettes
  • Eyeshadow Palettes
  • Glitter Palettes
  • And many more

5. Kasey Beauty

Kasey Beauty has all that it takes to be the perfect partner for private-label makeup palettes. Their experience and commitment to quality assurance make them a reliable choice for those looking for top-notch products from China.

Kasey Beauty is one of the best Chinese private-label makeup palette suppliers that has been in the business of manufacturing high-quality and compliant products for over a decade. 

This manufacturer understands the concerns of foreign buyers regarding quality assurance and product affordability, which is why they have ISO 22716 certification, GLP, and GMP compliance and use only safe and high-quality ingredients and pigments that are compliant with European Regulations (EC 1223_2009) and FDA regulations.

Kasey Beauty is ready to customize makeup palettes according to the customer’s needs – from color, quality, and packaging – while still ensuring great margins for their products. 

To demonstrate their commitment, they can provide relevant legal documents and samples upon request. 

6. Alchemist Labs

Alchemist Labs is a well-established research center specializing in the design and production of organic and vegan cosmetics. With more than 40 years of experience, they have established a reputation for producing some of the finest private-label cosmetic products on the market. 

Their facility boasts state-of-the-art laboratories and packaging equipment, as well as ultramodern production equipment and systems.

Their knowledgeable and experienced cosmetic experts employ only the purest of ingredients and pigments when creating private-label eyeshadow palettes, ensuring that each product is of the highest quality. Low minimum order quantities mean that any customer can benefit from their services, no matter how large or small their desired output may be.

7. Everfavor

Everfavor is an experienced manufacturer of high-quality cosmetics, including customizable makeup products. 

Based in a 100,000-square-foot warehouse located in China, the company provides clients with an extensive selection of customizable items, from mascara and concealer to sets and brushes. Customers can easily add their logo to any product’s packaging or change the product’s color to suit their exact specifications.

The manufacturer has acquired many certificates, making it one of the most reputable sources of makeup in China. 

Everfavor proudly offers clients reliable and affordable cosmetic items, backed by a team that stays true to its commitment to high-quality results. With their extensive range of products and customization options, they are the go-to source for cosmetics in China.

Wrapping Up

Don’t know where to start when it comes to sourcing quality private label or wholesale makeup palettes? Look no further! This comprehensive guide will help you find the best makeup palette suppliers for your needs and buy in bulk at a discounted price.

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