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7 Best Hotel Amenities Suppliers in the US

To ensure success, in the hospitality industry it is crucial to find a supplier of hotel amenities.

When looking for suppliers prioritize those who offer prices and a wide range of options. Additionally consider suppliers that provide added value features such as a commitment to not conducting animal testing, friendly packaging solutions and more. 

Expert Insight: Wayne Reynolds’ Perspective

Wayne Reynolds, a seasoned general manager with over thirty years of experience in the hotel industry, echoes these observations. Operating in Cairns, Reynolds has developed expertise in project management, directing, and marketing. He notes, “The agility of smaller hotels in this challenging time is commendable. However, larger chains shouldn’t be underestimated; their strategic depth and strong partnerships can set the pace for the industry’s recovery.”

The pandemic has not only changed how hotels operate but also how they choose their suppliers.

For smaller hotels, this might mean prioritizing suppliers who offer flexible terms and a diverse range of products.

For larger chains, it could involve partnering with suppliers who can guarantee large volumes and consistent quality.

What Are the Common Amenities Found in Hotels?

Hotels offer amenities to their guests. These include items like toiletries and stationery wardrobes with hangers or safes that are not consumable, as well as tangible services such as bars and cafes.

Luxurious amenities like spas, theaters, or private pools in suites are often provided to make the stays of business travelers enjoyable. Additionally welcome or departure gifts along with fruit baskets or books, for reading are commonly offered.

Most Essential Amenities You Should Provide to Your Guests

Every hotel room should include:

  • a pair of two bath towels 
  • one face towel, 
  • Toiletries,
  • a hair dryer ( upon request) 
  • two bottles of mineral water,
  • a notepad and pen or pencil 
  • TV, with either dish connection or Smart TV capabilities 
  • a coffee table (or study table) 
  • a comfortable chair for relaxation and 
  • a tissue box.

Moreover the hotel should provide amenities such as a dining facility, luggage room, breakfast for guests who choose the Continual Plan (CP) option free Wi Fi access, public restrooms if available elevators for properties with more than two floors and complimentary parking.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Amenities for Your Hotel Business

When selecting amenities for your hotel establishment it is crucial to consider the property’s type and theme. Additionally, take into account budget constraints. What guests typically expect from their stay.

Research the types of amenities that travelers are seeking such as coffee shops, recreational activities or rooms equipped with kitchenettes. It is also worth exploring practices to make your business more eco-friendly.

Here are 7 suppliers of hotel amenities that you should consider;

1. Tropical Labs

Location; Tampa FL 33634

Tropical Labs specializes in manufacturing custom hotel amenities tailored to the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, animal care, laboratory supplies, raw materials and personal care industries.

Their product selection includes face creams body creams, gels, antiseptic hand sanitizers, eucalyptus mint soaps, foaming sugar scrubs insect repellent sprays, lip balms, massage oils. natural body lotions, sunscreens and aloe moisturizers.

All of our products are meticulously designed to meet the standards of quality and safety, for businesses. They have received FDA and USDA approval. They are proudly made in the USA. If businesses are in search of a supplier for their hotel amenity requirements they can absolutely rely on Tropical Labs to deliver products.

2. Zooby Promotional

Location: Dallas

Zooby Promotional is a known supplier of merchandise, for businesses specializing in items like clothing, hats, sunglasses and watches. Along with products such as cooler bags, chairs, blankets, umbrellas and fans they also offer customized toys, backpacks and mugs upon request.

The company is known for its diverse client base, ranging from local businesses like Barley House and Terilli’s to national clients such as PETCO, Microsoft, and Fairmont Raffles Hotels International.

They have been operating in 40 U.S. States and three countries. The company also offers logo imprinting for custom manufacturing. Some of their products are made in the USA and are FDA approved.

3. Soft Touch Group

Location; Temecula, CA 92592

Soft Touch Group provides hospitality supplies tailored to businesses’ requirements.

Their extensive range includes everything from bathrobes and mattresses to linens, slippers, towels, and coffee makers. Additionally, they offer shower caps, vanity kits, sewing kits, tissues, body scrubbers, and dental kits. For added convenience, they also provide shoe horns, bottle openers, hangers, umbrellas, pens, and pencils.

With their commitment to excellence in quality and customer service, Sof Touch Group stands out as the choice, for any hospitality business seeking of a line products and services.

4. Global Paper & Plastics Inc.

Location: Oakville, ON L6M0C2

Global Paper & Plastics Inc. situated in Oakville ON L6M0C2 is a supplier catering to the hospitality industry’s needs. Their extensive range includes shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, soaps and shower caps along, with mending kits, hair sprays and shave foams.

For hotel requirements they offer hot paper cups coffee flavors clothes hangers,luggage racks, bathrobes, pencils, pens and condiment kitsBusinesses operating in the hospitality industry can rely on Global Paper & Plastics Inc. To offer a range of top notch amenities that cater to the needs of their customers.

5. Zecron Textiles, Inc.

Location: Brooklyn, NY 11201

Zecron Textiles, Inc. Is a supplier specialized in providing hotel amenities that are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of hotels and establishments involved in linen rentals.

Their extensive collection includes blankets, washcloths, bath mats, bar mops and bathrobes napkins, sheets, pillowcases and even baby diapers. Additionally they also offer services such, as towel supply, apron supply, linen supply services along with underpads.

With this array of options at Zecron Textiles Inc. businesses belonging to the hotel and linen rental industry can confidently rely on them for superior quality accessories that suit their varied needs and budgets. Their dedicated team of experts is committed to delivering customer service alongside top-notch products.

6. Nollapelli

Location: Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Nollapelli is a leading supplier of hotel amenities that specializes in products known for their quality and comfort. For example their sheet sets and pillowcase sets feature a faced fabric construction. Are available in all standard sizes (Full to Queen, King, Split King and California King). These products are crafted from a blend of 45% Tencel 35% nylon and 20% Pima cotton to provide a level of softness.

In addition to products they also offer face masks suitable for both hospitality and consumer applications. Nollapellis wholesale services make them the perfect choice, for those seeking notch products.

7. Future International Diversified, Inc.

Location: Bois-Des-Filion, QC J6Z4W4

Future International Diversified Inc. Is a leading supplier of hotel amenities such, as a range of bar soaps, liquid soaps, toiletries, bath and shower gels, body lotions, shampoos, conditioners and body splashes for use in hotels, restaurants and cafeterias.

They are dedicated to maintaining the quality standards of their products by conducting chemical and microbiological laboratory tests on materials before delivery. Additionally they offer label options and contract packaging services for clients in the retail, hotel, industrial and institutional sectors.

With their commitment, to testing ensuring safety and offering high quality products Future International Diversified Inc. Is a partner to fulfill all your amenity needs.

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