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14 Best Small-Batch Skin Care Manufacturers

If you’re looking for premium facial moisturizers and hydrating body lotions, small-batch skin care manufacturers have plenty of great options. Here are some of the best businesses out there offering top-quality deals!

If you’re in search of high-end skincare solutions, exploring the world of small-batch production might be the key to unlocking a new level of skincare satisfaction. 

Unlike mass-produced items, these manufacturers craft their products in limited quantities, ensuring that what reaches your hands is always fresh and potent.

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In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you on a journey through the offerings of these exceptional companies. 

From custom formulation development to contract manufacturing and private labeling, these manufacturers cover a wide spectrum of skincare needs. 

Whether you’re a small business looking to create a unique skincare line or an individual seeking the best in personalized skincare, our list has you covered.

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14 Best Small-Batch Skin Care Manufacturers

1. Nutrix

  • Years in Business: Since 2015
  • Location: Salt Lake City, UT 84116
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Skin care manufacturing, customized product development, contract manufacturing, private labeling.
  • Unique Selling Points: Offer a wide range of products including serums, lotions, creams, mouthwashes, cosmetics, essential oils, and supplements. Organic certification available upon request. Accommodate clients of all sizes.
  • Certifications or Awards:  ISO certified, FDA registered

Nutrix specializes in skin care manufacturing with customized product development, contract manufacturing, and private labeling services. 

They provide formulation development, mixing, filling, and label branding to create serums, lotions, creams, mouthwashes, and cosmetics. 

Furthermore, they also offer essential oils, gels, supplements such as vitamin C, and blemish creams. 

All of their products are domestically produced in the USA, with organic certification available upon request. They can accommodate clients of all sizes, whether small or large-scale production.

2. InSpec Solutions, LLC

  • Years in Business: Since 1999
  • Location: Holly Hill, FL 32117
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Private-label beauty and healthcare products, custom manufacturing, personal hygiene wipes, medical devices.
  • Unique Selling Points: Expertise in formulation services, offer various packaging options.
  • Certifications: FDA approval, GMP compliance, EPA registration, UL listing. 

InSpec Solutions is a private-label beauty and healthcare products supplier that specializes in custom manufacturing of a wide range of personal products. 

Their products include cosmetics, household cleaners, personal hygiene wipes, drugs, and medical devices. They offer a range of formulation services including creams, serums, lotions, continuous sprays, hot fills, and sticks. 

They also provide contract manufacturing and liquid filling services for pouches, bags-on-valve, tubes, sachets, and various bottle types. Their skincare production is of the highest quality standards, with FDA approval, GMP compliance, EPA registration, and UL listing.

3. Safetec of America, Inc.

  • Years in Business: Since 1992
  • Location: Buffalo, NY 14215
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Skin care products, infection control solutions, antiseptic sprays, body lotions, sunscreen lotions.
  • Unique Selling Points: Focus on high-quality standards, private labeling, and contract packaging services.
  • Certifications or Awards: UL GMP certification, FDA Regulated, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2015

Safetec of America, Inc. is a leader in skin care products and infection control solutions. Offering an extensive selection of antiseptic sprays, antibiotic ointments, body lotions, hydrocortisone creams, sunscreen lotions, and universal spill kits designed for universal precaution – all made with the highest quality standards in the United States. On top of that, they also provide private labeling and contract packaging services for businesses looking to customize their product lines.

4. Evora Worldwide

  • Years in Business: Since 2012
  • Location: Largo, FL 33773
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Small-batch skin care products, volumizing serums, CBD body care solutions, hand sanitizers, makeup removers.
  • Unique Selling Points: Custom formulation, rigorous testing
  • Certifications or Awards: UL listing, FDA approval, GMP compliance

Evora Worldwide is a top-tier producer of small-batch skin care products, offering both standard and specialized options including volumizing serums, moisturizers, skin creams, CBD body care solutions, hand sanitizers, and makeup removers. 

Their services include custom formulation, manufacturing, private labeling, and packaging design, and they are equipped to accommodate both small and large production runs. 

All of their products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet UL listing and FDA approval standards, including scrutiny of specific gravity, pH balance, viscosity, appearance, odor, microbial activity, and shelf stability. They’re also GMP compliant and offer stock items.

5. BeBeauty Products & Private Label

  • Years in Business: 20 years
  • Location: Garden Grove, CA 92843
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Beauty and personal hygiene products, nail polish, sugar scrubs, gels, hand soaps.
  • Unique Selling Points: Specialize in small-batch manufacturing for spas and salons, FDA-registered hand sanitizer.
  • Certifications or Awards: FDA registered

BeBeauty Products & Private Label is a trusted skin care product supplier, offering a broad range of beauty and personal hygiene solutions. Their product lines include nail polish, sugar scrubs, gels, hand soaps, brush cleaners, and massage oils. 

They also offer creams, moisturizers, softeners, as well as FDA-registered hand sanitizer. Their niche lies in small-batch manufacturing services which cater to spas, salons, and other businesses in the industry.

6. GAR Labs

  • Years in Business: [Insert]
  • Location: Riverside, CA 92507
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Contract manufacturing of skin and hair care products, batch processing, filling, labeling, and more.
  • Unique Selling Points: Expertise in various services, including vacuum mixing, FDA-registered facility, and warehousing.
  • Certifications or Awards: FDA Registered, ISO 9001:2015

GAR Labs excels in the contract manufacturing of finely crafted, small-batch skin and hair care products. They are experienced in a wide range of services, including batch processing various quantities ranging from 55-3,000 gallons, filling and labeling bottles, jars or tubes, and managing up to 5,000 items at once. Additional services they offer include vacuum mixing, shipping, and warehousing.

7. Elvis Elvin Labs

  • Years in Business: Since 2013
  • Location: Branchburg, NJ 08876
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Custom small-batch skin care products, dry sheet masks.
  • Unique Selling Points: Unique serum blend, eco-friendly products, excellent water absorption capabilities.
  • Certifications or Awards: ISO class 7 cleanroom environment

Elvis Elvin Labs is a premier producer of custom, small-batch skin care products, including their signature dry sheet masks. 

These ultra-effective masks are formulated with a unique serum blend and made with a variety of materials, such as bamboo charcoal, viscose, and fruit gel fabrics. 

They are renowned for their soft textures and strong air permeability, which make them one of the best choices for people with delicate skin. Apart from their efficacy, Elvis Elvin Labs’ products are also eco-friendly, and they provide excellent water absorption capabilities.

8. Power Line Packaging, Inc.

  • Location: Conshohocken, PA 19428
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Contract manufacturing of personal care products, liquid soaps, skin and sun care, shampoos.
  • Unique Selling Points: Comprehensive turnkey services, FDA-registered facility, various container options.
  • Certifications or Awards: FDA-registered

Power Line Packaging, Inc. is a highly experienced contract manufacturer and packaging provider specializing in liquids, semi-liquids, and personal care products. 

Their services encompass private blending and labeling of beauty care products, soaps, household items, skin care lotions, and other liquid products for a range of small-batch skin care manufacturers. They are capable of runs ranging from 10,000 to 10 million pieces and can fill containers in any shape, including metal and plastic tubes, cans, bottles, and cartridges. 

As an FDA-registered facility, Power Line Packaging offers comprehensive turnkey contract manufacturing and packaging services for an array of products including skin and sun care, shampoos, liquid soaps, personal care, and baby care products.

9. AMR Labs

  • Years in Business: 2009
  • Location: Van Nuys, CA 91406
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Face and body care products, masks, scrubs, serums, shampoos, conditioners.
  • Unique Selling Points: Extensive capabilities, custom formulation, quality control services, FDA-approved products.

AMR Labs is an established, small-batch skin care manufacturer that provides a wide variety of face and body care products. 

Their product lines include sun protection, hair treatment, men’s, baby, and bath care. AMR Labs has extensive capabilities, featuring custom formulation, planning, packaging, labeling, filling, and quality control services. 

The company specializes in producing masks, scrubs, exfoliators, cleansers, toners, creams, lotions, oils, wraps, gels, serums, shampoos, and conditioners. Additionally, they offer liquid bleaches, acid peels/exfoliators, anti-aging (active) creams, as well as antiperspirants and deodorants.

10. Moe’s Group LLC

  • Location: Santa Rosa Valley, CA 93012
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Personal care products, creams, lotions, serums, perfumes, lipsticks.
  • Unique Selling Points: USA-made products, FDA compliance, digital marketing, and fulfillment services.

Moe’s Group LLC is a top-tier, custom manufacturer of personal care products available for private labeling. They specialize in producing a wide range of beauty solutions including creams, lotions, serums, shampoos, conditioners, perfumes, sprays, lipsticks, and cleansers. 

All Moe’s Group LLC products are proudly made in the USA and compliant with FDA standards. The company is GMP certified and also offers additional digital marketing, warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution services, as well as Just-In-Time delivery options. 

Moe’s Group LLC’s expertise in small-batch skin care products enables them to provide clients with custom formulation, product design, packaging, and branding services for their private-label personal care products.

11. Cymcorp International Inc.

  • Location: Dunvegan, ON K0C1J0
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Health and beauty products, natural creams, supplements, structured drinking water.
  • Unique Selling Points: Focus on natural creams for skin protection, unique product sets.

Cymcorp International Inc. is a noteworthy supplier of a wide range of health and beauty products, including small-batch skincare solutions. 

Their products feature natural creams designed to protect, soothe, and rejuvenate the skin from damage such as UV rays, sunburns, and more. Cymcorp International Inc. also offers supplements in powder or chewable tablet form and structured drinking water. 

Outstanding combined product sets curated to cater to the specific needs of their customers are also available to purchase.

12. Medpak Solutions

  • Location: Saint Petersburg, FL 33716
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Private-label cosmetics, face wash, shaving creams, hair oils, conditioners, serums.
  • Unique Selling Points: Comprehensive services, 24/7 order tracking, FDA and USDA standards compliance.

Medpak Solutions is a recognized small-batch skin care manufacturer of private-label cosmetics and body and skin care products. 

Their extensive range includes face wash, shaving creams, cleansers, lotions, tan removers, hand soaps, hair oils, shampoos, conditioners, eye gels, and serums. 

In addition to the manufacturing of these items, Medpak Solutions also offers contract manufacturing services as well as formulation assistance, kitting services for product packaging, warehouse storage solution, and delivery fulfillment services. 

Business owners utilizing Medpak Solutions’ services can take advantage of 24/7 order tracking for complete visibility into their orders. Each product is meticulously crafted in the USA to meet FDA and USDA standards.

13. Product Society LLC

  • Location: North Hollywood, CA 91605
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Aromatherapy nutrition, personal care products, scented candles, essential oils.
  • Unique Selling Points: Custom solutions, FDA approval, GMP compliance.

Product Society LLC is an esteemed custom small-batch skin care manufacturer situated in the United States. 

Specializing in aromatherapy nutrition and personal care products, their services include design, consulting and development, formulation testing, and shipping of items such as scented candles, essential oils, cosmetics, skincare, and beauty care products. 

Additionally, they provide customers with supplements, laundry detergents, and countertop sprays. Rigorous FDA approval and GMP compliance guarantee that all products manufactured by Product Society LLC are of first-rate quality. Their ultimate goal is to craft custom solutions tailored to each customer’s specific requirements.

14. Tropical Products, Inc.

  • Location: Salem, MA 01970
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Personal care products, shampoos, jewelry cleaners.
  • Unique Selling Points: Formulation, blending, packaging, label development, and shipping services. Custom development capabilities.

Tropical Products, Inc. is a renowned private label and contract manufacturer offering personal care products ranging from shampoos to specialized items such as jewelry cleaners. 

Their resourceful capabilities include formulating, blending, bottle filling, packaging, label development, and shipping services with production runs including options from 1 oz. to 55 gals. drums and 275 gals. totes. 

Boasting thousands of stock formulas, they are also capable of custom-developing products that meet USDA organic standards, and EPA-registered and cGMP-compliant requirements. 

Quality assurance is guaranteed through their FDA approval and made-in-the-USA status; making them an ideal choice for small-batch skin care manufacturers searching for dependable production services.

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