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14 Metal Enclosure Manufacturers You Need to Know About!

Metal enclosures are the ideal choice for protecting sensitive components from environmental forces such as dust, dirt, humidity, and extreme temperatures. This is why the need for the right metal enclosure manufacturers is very important.

Metal enclosures are crafted using advanced production methods, allowing for reliable and superior performance for long periods of time. Additionally, manufacturers invest heavily in metallurgy and material science to customize metal enclosures to fit various applications – something that is impossible with plastic enclosures. From those involved in the production processes down to the very product themselves, it’s clear that metal enclosure manufacturers are committed to providing clients with an impressive level of protection.

14 Companies Manufacturing Metal Enclosures!

1. A.B. Controls & Technology

Metal Enclosure Manufacturers- A.B. Controls & Technology

Location: Humble, TX

For over three decades, ABTECH has been providing high-quality metal enclosures for a variety of industrial and OEM applications. Their electrical cabinets, instrument protectors, metal boxes, and NEMA enclosures have all been carefully crafted to meet or exceed industry standards. 

With their quality products, businesses across oil and gas, petrochemical, and other sectors can trust ABTECH for all their protective enclosure needs. Should clients require more specific materials or designs, custom enclosures are also available for those special projects.

2. Atrenne Integrated Solutions 

Metal Enclosure Manufacturers- Atrenne Integrated Solutions 

Location: New Hope, MN

For 50 years, Atrenne Integrated Solutions has been at the forefront of precision metal enclosure engineering. They offer mission-critical components, integrated systems, and signal integrity/thermal management solutions to the world’s top defense companies. 

With access to Celestica’s FDA-registered and ISO 13485-certified manufacturing sites, businesses can rely on their expertise and manufacturing capabilities to meet a range of complex needs. When it comes to metal enclosures, Atrenne’s experienced team provides unbeatable quality and customizability.

3. Bison ProFab

Metal Enclosure Manufacturers- Bison ProFab

Location: Magnolia, TX

With a commitment to quality assurance, Bison ProFab offers metal enclosures that are designed to guarantee lasting performance and durability. 

Their team of metal experts has the capacity to customize solutions and anticipate customer needs, making them a reliable source for businesses in many sectors. With their metal enclosures, customers can be sure they are getting the best possible product on the market.

4. AMCO Enclosures-an IMS Engineered Products Brand

Metal Enclosure Manufacturers- AMCO Enclosures-an IMS Engineered Products Brand

Location: Des Plaines, IL

An IMS Engineered Products Brand, AMCO Enclosures is a metal enclosure manufacturer with over 70 years of experience. Located in Des Plaines, IL., their 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space adhere to ISO9001 standards and deliver on quality. 

Their Total Quality System is designed to ensure that customers get the best possible product via trained personnel, calibrated equipment, testing systems, and In-Process controls. 

With technical acumen, attention to detail, and craftsmanship come together in a unified product, businesses of all industries can rely on AMCO Enclosures for their metal enclosure needs.

5. Buckeye ShapeForm

Metal Enclosure Manufacturers- Buckeye ShapeForm

Location: Columbus, OH

From precision metal fabrication to custom manufacturing services, Buckeye Shapeform offers businesses reliable metal enclosures that meet their specific needs. 

Their off-the-shelf instrumentation enclosures and novelty tin containers can be customized to suit any requirements while the metal and plastic equipment housings come in a variety of styles such as desktop, handheld, and rack mount units with sizes ranging from 1oz. – 32oz. 

Every enclosure is guaranteed to be made with the highest quality standards in mind ensuring customers get the best product possible.

6. Container Research Corporation

Metal Enclosure Manufacturers- Container Research Corporation

Location: Aston, PA

For over 60 years, CRC has focused on metal enclosure manufacturing for the aerospace, defense, transportation, nuclear, alternative energy, and commercial industries. Certified to ISO9001 and AS9100 standards, they offer a wide range of metal shipping and storage containers designed to meet the highest quality and safety requirements. 

Their products offer protection for items such as rotor blades, main gearboxes, transmissions, satellites, rotor hubs, and engine modules. What sets CRC apart from other metal enclosure manufacturers is its commitment to innovation and customer service excellence.

7. Bull Metal Products, Inc.

Metal Enclosure Manufacturers- Bull Metal Products, Inc.

Location: Middletown, CT

Bull Metal Products, Inc. is a US-based metal enclosure manufacturer that has been setting the standard for excellence since 1954. Offering custom products tailored to customer needs, they specialize in metal carts, bins, boxes, and cabinets made from sheet metal, tubing, rigid wire, and aluminum. 

Their in-house powder coating and screen printing capabilities provide quick production runs of any quantity and their commitment to quality ensures each product meets the highest standards. 

From sub-assembly and fulfillment work to excellent customer service, Bull Metal Products is dedicated to continuing its family legacy of excellence for generations to come.

8. Coxline Inc.

Metal Enclosure Manufacturers- Coxline Inc.

Location: Kalamazoo, MI

When it comes to metal enclosure manufacturing, businesses can trust Coxline Inc. for their UL-listed customer and standard units for NEMA enclosures. 

Their custom design team is able to create metal boxes of carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum up to 0.25 inches thick with a fast turnaround time. Finishing options include powder coat colors, RAL, and ANSI finishes in order to meet customer specifications exactly. 

For superior quality metal enclosures, Coxline Inc. has proven they are the experts, businesses should turn to.

9. Curtiss-Wright

Metal Enclosure Manufacturers- Curtiss-Wright

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Curtiss-Wright Corporation is a world leader in highly advanced technologies and services. 

With decades of experience in providing solutions, they specialize in actuation systems, motor/actuators, drive/motor/actuators, overhaul and repair services, structural components integration, and more. 

Their metal enclosure manufacturers mainly serve the Aerospace & Defense industries as well as Commercial Power, Process, and Industrial markets. High-performance levels and optimal safety, performance, and reliability are the focus of their solutions – giving customers the peace of mind they need when it comes to their metal enclosure needs.

10. Electri-Tec

Metal Enclosure Manufacturers- Electri-Tec

Location: Angola, IN

Electri-Tec, LLC. is a trusted source for metal enclosure manufacturers needing quality and cost-effective products. Adhering to UL, CSA, and RoHS certifications as well as meeting NEMA standards and FDA’s good manufacturing practice guidelines, customers can trust that their metal enclosures will be produced in the safest and most reliable manner. 

With 35,000 square feet of air-conditioned facility space managed by an experienced team with over 60 years of combined experience in management, sales, and engineering – customers can always count on Electri-Tec, LLC for their metal enclosure needs ranging from wire harnesses to custom-designed assemblies.

11. Fab-Tech, Inc.

Metal Enclosure Manufacturers- Fab-Tech, Inc.

Location: Van Buren, AR

Business owners in need of reliable metal enclosure manufacturing can depend on Fab-Tech, Inc., a division of White Rock Manufacturing. Established in 1988, Fab-Tech has quickly become established as a provider of high-quality metal parts for various industries, most notably the US Postal Office. 

With their dedication to quality assurance, they have achieved ISO 9000 shop registration and have gained more business with equipment assembly plants both in the US and around the world. 

Customers can rely on Fab-Tech for laser cutting, punching, stamping and other metal fabrication services with quality assurance and strict requirements met.

12. ICA Corporation

Metal Enclosure Manufacturers- ICA Corporation

Location: 12130 Brockton Lane, Maple Grove, MN 55369

ICA Corporation is a leading metal enclosure manufacturer and a certified TEC Green Facility with an unwavering commitment to reducing energy consumption – investing in technological advances to reduce their environmental impact. 

Established in 1970, their 50+ years of experience make them the top choice for businesses looking for precision machining and fabrication solutions. 

They specialize in custom metal components and assemblies, laser cutting, metal enclosures, and mechanical assemblies – all designed with close tolerances ranging from prototypes to production runs. A dedication to cost-effectiveness ensures that customers receive the highest quality end product from ICA Corporation.

13. Hubbell® Wiegmann®

Metal Enclosure Manufacturers- Hubbell® Wiegmann®

Location: Freeburg, IL

Businesses of all sizes can rely on the 75-year track record of excellence offered by Hubbell® Wiegmann®. As a tier-one metal enclosure manufacturer, they are committed to listening to their customers and offer a flexible focus in addition to superior service and performance. 

Their vast selection of materials includes polyester powder in over 200 special colors, carbon steel, galvanized, stainless, aluminum, and painted materials. In addition to metal enclosures, Hubbell® Wiegmann® also provides NEMA enclosures, stainless steel enclosures, JIC enclosures, non-metallic enclosures, and aluminum plus wire way systems – all at competitive transaction costs.

14. Intermas US, LLC

Metal Enclosure Manufacturers- Intermas US, LLC

Location: Alpharetta, GA

Businesses looking for metal enclosure solutions can turn to Intermas. As a manufacturer, they design and produce metal enclosures tailored to medical, railway, and telecommunications applications. 

Through their online shop, customers can access a range of options – Compact PCI and VME designs, cassettes, accessories, tabletop models, sub racks, RFI-shielded sub racks and vibration-proof sub racks – all available by order or RFQ. 

With superior quality product offerings from Intermas, businesses are sure to secure their electronic components with reliable metal enclosure solutions.


These are the leading companies that are manufacturing metal enclosures. I hope you will be able to find a suitable supplier today for your projects to come.

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