Top 6 Print-on-Demand Necklace in the US

Top 6 Print-on-Demand Necklace Suppliers in the US

Are you in search of print-on-demand suppliers to support your custom print-on-demand necklaces business?

In the US, high-quality and diverse jewelry supply vendors are abundant. From ceramic pendants to gold-plated chains, these suppliers offer a broad range of options. Plus, many even provide laser engraving and embossing services that enable customers to customize their necklaces as they envision them. 

So if you’re after gorgeous custom jewelry made with eco-friendly supplies, then look no further – the US has all sorts of suppliers ready to meet your needs!

Here are the top 6 print-on-demand necklace suppliers around the US.

What is Print-on-Demand Jewelry?

Print-on-demand means being able to customize the jewelry to your order. 

This means that by opting for print-on-demand jewelry, businesses can guarantee they get precisely what they ordered. Jewelry pieces are made only after the customer has made their order, meaning it’s tailored to their exact specifications and needs – perfect if you want something unique or personalized.

What to Expect on a Print-on-Demand Jewelry Purchase

If you’re thinking of entering the ever-growing jewelry print-on-demand space, there are a few key items to consider. 

Firstly, determine what your supplier’s minimum order quantity is – while many dropshipping services enable single orders, for jewelry manufacturers this number may differ.

Access to a reliable jewelry mockup generator is essential in terms of producing a product. Research and be aware of the specifics such as image formats and design features available to create the best possible designs. 

Additionally, confirm production and shipping times with your supplier – this will give you an accurate overview of when products will reach customers. Taking these steps ahead of time will ensure that your journey into print-on-demand jewelry is smooth and successful.

6 Best Suppliers of Print-on-Demand Necklaces in the US

1. Shop 3D

Print-on-Demand Necklace Suppliers USA - Shop 3D

Shop3D has become the go-to destination for jewelry designers, makers, and goldsmiths seeking to create customized print-on-demand products. Their cutting-edge 3D printing and casting technologies provide entrepreneurs in the dropshipping industry with an extensive range of jewelry items. These are crafted from premium materials such as white gold, rose, yellow gold, sterling silver, brass, and bronze. 

Advanced manufacturing capabilities allow businesses to take advantage of on-demand jewelry production at unprecedented levels of customization without sacrificing speed or cost-effectiveness. So if you’re looking for print-on-demand necklaces then Shop3D is your one-stop shop!

2. ShineOn

Print-on-Demand Necklace Suppliers USA - ShineOn

With over four years in the industry, ShineOn is a premier online jewelry and watch printing company dedicated to providing customers with a selection of print-on-demand products and accessories. Whether it’s a bracelet, necklace, ring, earring, pendant, or something else entirely – you can be sure that all purchases come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Customers can also take advantage of ShineOn’s gift-wrapping service which enables them to purchase, customize and ship their items directly as presents. Businesses looking for an experienced and reliable print-on-demand necklace supplier need to look no further than ShineOn!

3. Beeoux

Print-on-Demand Necklace Suppliers USA - Beeoux

Beeux Jewelry Company is a premiere source of premium-quality jewelry pieces. From necklaces, bracelets, and pendants to earrings and other accessories – Beeux Jewelry has an exquisite collection that is inspired by the beauty of nature. With a passion for quality craftsmanship, Beeux Jewelry produces timeless yet beautiful pieces that are sure to please even the most discerning customer. And with their satisfaction guarantee and free worldwide shipping, customers can rest assured they will be investing in a piece of jewelry crafted with excellence every time.

In beaux, you have the choice of designing your jewelry necklace and also selling it on the same platform. What’s interesting is that you just design and they will do the rest from making the product and selling it to potential customers all over the world.

4. Printful

Print-on-Demand Necklace Suppliers USA - Printful

Recently offering customizable jewelry necklaces, Printful is one of the accessible dropshipping jewelry providers to help you get started on creating your desired design for selling.

5. Spocket

Print-on-Demand Necklace Suppliers USA - Spocket

Spocket is the ideal destination for companies looking to set up a reliable dropshipping system. This platform furnishes access to verified suppliers in the USA and Europe, offering high-quality products with a 30% margin. With it, businesses can easily take advantage of personalized jewelry from domestic brands with customized solutions.

6. House of Morgan Pewter

Print-on-Demand Necklace Suppliers USA - House of Morgan Pewter

Businesses looking for custom print-on-demand necklaces can depend on House of Morgan Pewter. This North Carolina-based retailer offers wholesale and print-on-demand jewelry with a range of custom designs, like logos, drawings, and pictures, as well as pendants and necklaces. 

A minimum order of 100 items is required for customized products, though exceptions may apply to personalization. Enjoy the convenience and quality that this trusted source has to offer.

Where Can You Sell Your POD Jewelry Necklaces?

Dropshipping companies are the best way to sell your self-designed product. Here are the best platforms to use for selling POD jewelry as these companies, themselves, will personally create and sell your design.

The following companies below are sort of a marketplace or buy and sell platforms rather than specializing in jewelry making.

Tips On Selling Your Custom-Designed Jewelry Necklace

Print-on-demand jewelry must have the right strategy in place for it to be successful. Whether utilizing platforms like Gearbubble to sell trending accessories or creating a brand identity through quality pieces, here are some tips to get you started.

  • Pricing should be at the top of your priority list – aim for a good margin on each product without sacrificing quality.
  • Look into ways to expand your catalog by introducing new items and keeping busy seasons like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day in mind for increased sales potential. 
  • Utilize visual social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to showcase your wares, and don’t forget to order samples of what you plan on selling so you can take high-quality images for your product page.
  • Finally, remember that launching a print-on-demand jewelry business may be simpler than many other ventures, but staying active will help ensure its success – constant growth requires exploring new marketing avenues, hiring an expert eCommerce SEO strategist, and offering exceptional customer service.

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