Want to Know the Top 15 Scrub Manufacturers

Want to Know the Top 15 Scrub Manufacturers?

Want to know the best manufacturers and suppliers of scrubs in the world? In this guide, we did an in-depth list of the leading scrub manufacturers and scrub manufacturing companies. Read on!

5 Best Scrub Manufacturers in the USA

 Here are the top medical scrub manufacturers in the US.

  1. Landau
  2. Scrubs
  3. Tafford Uniforms
  4. Dress A Med
  5. Aramark

1. Landau

Industry: Men’s and Women’s Scrubs Manufacturing

Headquarters: 8410 West Sandidge Road P.O. Box 516, Olive Branch, MS 38654, United States

Years of experience: 82 years

Landau is one of the top scrub manufacturers in the US

Landau is one of the top scrub manufacturing companies which has been around since 1938. The company manufactures protective apparels such as scrub caps, bouffants, high neck barrier gowns, cloth face masks and many more. They also have medical apparel tops, jackets, pants, lab coats and footwears. 

The company markets its products for healthcare settings and medical health centers. Its products are marketed in the US and worldwide. 

2. Scrubs

Industry: Clothing and Apparel Manufacturing

Headquarters: 1534 Plaza Lane #310, Burlingame, CA 94010, USA

Years of experience: 25 years

scrubs is one of the top scrub manufacturers in the US

Scrubs.com is a company founded in 1995 that designs and manufactures scrubs, medical uniforms, lab coats, and stethoscopes. Officially, its supplier is Green Scrubs manufactures healthcare uniforms, nursing scrubs, and accessories. 

Scrubs markets its products worldwide and serves medical institutions and corporate businesses. The company’s products are marketed in over 50 states and over 100+ countries.

They offer a number of brands of scrub apparel and accessories such as tops, pants, skirts, jackets, hats, bouffants, footwear, and many more.

3. Tafford Uniforms

Industry: Clothing Stores and Clothing and Apparel Manufacturing

Headquarters: 1455 US-1, Edison, NJ 08837, United States

Years of experience: 30 years

Tafford is one of the top scrub manufacturers in the US

Tafford Uniforms is one of the largest suppliers and retailers of medical diagnostics instruments and scrub uniforms for hospitals and healthcare facilities. The company has a large network of business partners which include Cherokee, Landau, Dickies, Peaches, Koi, Barco, White Swan, and WonderWink. Tafford Uniforms are popular for their wide variety of uniform selection, quality, style and sizes. They offer quick shipping and affordable options.

4. Dress A Med

Industry: Clothing store and Medical Apparel Design and Manufacturing, Wholesale Scrub Manufacturing

Headquarters: 1031 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, California, USA 90015-1706

Years of experience: 40 years

Dress a med is one of the top scrub manufacturers in the US

Dress A Med is a clothing store and manufacturing business offering scrubs, lab coats and warm-ups, slim-fit pants and joggers, graduation dresses, and long-sleeve shirts. The company offers stylish options for medical wear and scrub uniforms which include 7-pocket uniform scrubs, women’s designer scrubs, men’s multi-pocket utility scrubs, and many more. 

Their medical apparels are highly recommendable having a reinforced fabric and fine detailed stitching. This ensures maximum protection from pathogens and bacteria, without compromising comfortable wear.

Dress A Med also offers affordable pricing for wholesale and bulk scrub orders. They also offer affiliate programs and loyalty programs on their official website.

5. Aramark

Industry: Clothing Manufacturing and Food Services

Headquarters: Primary. 2400 Market St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103, US

Years of experience: 84 years

Aramark is an American manufacturer of scrub uniforms and a food service provider. The company has been around since 1936 serving clients in the US, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Chile, and to over 20 branches worldwide. 

The company is one of the top global suppliers of scrubs and uniforms to hospitals and healthcare facilities. They offer physician and hospital staff apparel, linens, and a comprehensive environmental cleaning service through a microfiber cleaning and ATP monitoring approach.

5 Best Scrub Manufacturers in the UK

Here are the top medical scrub manufacturers in the UK.

  1. Alsico
  2. Medisave
  3. Alexandra
  4. Grahame Gardner
  5. Dencowear

1. Alsico

Industry: Clothing and healthcare apparel industry

Headquarters: Preston, Lancashire, UK

Main market: Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States

Years of experience: 13 years

Certificates: ISO 9001:2015, ETI or FLO-CERT

Alsico is a UK-based company providing medical garments, workwear and fashionable suits. The company has a 70,000 square feet facility located in Preston with over 3.5 million garment inventories each year. Overall, the Alsico Group delivers over 18 million suits annually in a wide market. They market the brands Gryzko® and other premium protective wear.

Alsico supplies a wide range of NHS scrubs in a variety of colors, embroidery, heat seal, badge type, logo and sizes. They also market medical scrub made of polyester and cotton and an innovative scrub range with a 4-way stretch scrub made from rayon, lycra and polyester.

Alsico is a leader when it comes to fashionable and innovative workwear for customers around the UK and Europe. The company is a 3rd generation private business owning 11 manufacturing plants with a total of 5,000 machinists. They also hold strict quality and health and safety standards compliance to deliver top-quality garments and apparel. 

Alsico has a sister company which is Meltemi, a leading NHS workwear supplier for medical and healthcare workers and medical businesses.

2. Medisave

Industry: Authorized distributor of medical clothing, PPE, diagnostics instruments

Headquarters: Mercery Road, Weymouth DT3 5FA, United Kingdom

Main market: European market

Years of experience: 30 years

Certificates: cGMP, CE, FDA-regulated products, EN14683:2019, ENISO11737-1:2018, EN ISO10993-5:2009 and EN ISO10993-10:2013

Medisave is a top UK distributor of key medical staples such as scrub suits, workwear, surgical gowns, patient wear, lab coats, and footwear. They also have a wide variety of face coverings and face masks, medical and exam gloves, and disposable surgical PPE.

They have been an authorized UK distributor for many manufacturers and brands such as 3M Littmann stethoscopes, Seca medical scales, Welch Allyn diagnostic otoscope Sets, Lec fridges, Labcold fridges, Sunflower furniture, Heine diagnostics, Bristol Maid furniture, and Keeler otoscopes.

Their website accepts payment through major credit/debit cards and they also accept 30-day account invoice orders.

3. Alexandra

Industry: Apparel & Fashion Industry, Healthcare & PPE Supplier 

Headquarters: Midland Way, Thornbury, BS35 2NT, GB

Main market: 

Years of experience: 160 years


Alexandra is a global garment supplier and distributor based in the UK. The company provides men and women’s workwear, uniforms, and corporate clothing to a variety of industries. The company specializes in designing, innovating and providing garments with value for money. They market several affordable uniforms and scrubs for healthcare and dental industries and private and government entities.

4. Grahame Gardner

Industry: Scrub and workwear manufacturer and supplier of workwear and uniforms

Headquarters: Leicester, UK

Main market: European market

Years of experience: 114 years

Certificates: CE, GMP

Grahame Gardner Ltd is a leading UK medical scrub manufacturer and supplier offering workwear and uniforms. The company has been serving the healthcare and hospitality sector since 1906. They also have a wide range of products fit for the dental, beauty salon, hotel, nursery, opticians, restaurants, vets industries.

The company’s headquarters and warehouse location is in Leicester. Grahame is actually a family business that has grown over the years specializing in the innovation and design of workwear and medical suits and uniforms.

The company offers scrub suits, trousers, tops and patient wear. Grahame Gardner offers products from popular brands such as the GG Collection, Landau Scrub Collections, Urbane Scrubs, Proflex Scrubs, Scrubzone, Smitten Scrubs, Advance Bespoke Range, Fitlex, and many more.

5. Dencowear

Industry: healthcare uniform manufacturing 

Headquarters: Dencowear Ltd. 14 Buslingthorpe Green, Meanwood, Leeds, LS7 2HG

Main market: United States, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, UK, Switzerland, and other parts of Europe

Years of experience: 20 years


Dencowear is a professional medical scrub manufacturer since 1966. The company is a 3rd generation family business located in Yorkshire. Dencowear supplies fashionable and practical uniforms and workwear in a wide range of colors, sizes and styles.

Their factory in Leeds specializes in the production of healthcare, medical and beauty scrubs. The company is a major supplier in the UK for beauty salons, spas, hospitals, clinics and universities. The company also specializes in customizing uniforms.

Furthermore, Dencowear manufactures NHS PPE suits, disposable scrubs, gowns, aprons, apparels and suits. They also make linens, towels, and hospitality products.

5 Best Scrub Manufacturers in China

Are you in need of importing medical apparel to your country? Look no further, as this list provides the finest factories and suppliers in China for a reputable scrub manufacturer. No matter which region – be it the US, Europe, or Asia – you can rest assured that your import needs will be met!

List of the Best Scrub Manufacturers in China

With hundreds of trustworthy companies in China manufacturing medical garments, scrubs and drapes to surgical gowns for protective apparel, here is a select list of reliable contacts you can reach out to.

  1. Hubei Healthcare Protective Products Co., Ltd.
  2. Guangzhou Care Uniform Co., Ltd
  3. Hubei Medwear Protective Products Co., Ltd.
  4. Fullstar Non-woven Products Co. Ltd
  5. Crown Name (WH) United Co., Ltd.

Criteria for choosing these manufacturers

  • Bulk manufacturing capabilities
  • High-quality raw material
  • GMP and ISO certified with correct export licenses
  • Best value in the market

5 Best Scrub Manufacturers in China

Hubei Healthcare Protective Products Co., Ltd.

Headquarters: No.74 Guanghu Road, Shazui Street, Xiantao City, Hubei Province, China

Markets: North America, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia

Certificates: FDA, ISO 9001, ISO 13485

Exporting port: Wuhan or Shanghai

Hubei Yunge Protective Products is one of the best sources of scrubs and other medical PPE clothing such as disposable gowns. Yunge has a 1000 to 3000 sqm manufacturing facility, factory and workshop. The company manufactures surgical apparel and isolation gowns made from PP, PE, SMS, PP+PE, microporous, and non-woven fabric materials. 

Yunge Protective Products products include face masks, aprons, sleeve covers, gloves, bouffant caps, shoe covers, boots and lab coats. 

Furthermore, the company offers private label manufacturing, contract manufacturing and OEM services for all its disposable medical products.

Key Products
  • Scrubs, lab coats and protective suits
  • PP SMS disposable isolation gowns
  • PP / SMS disposable protective gowns scrub suits

Guangzhou Care Uniform Co., Ltd

Type of Business: Exporter, Importer, Retailer, Wholesaler

Headquarters: No.7, Nanyuan Street 1, Yanbu Avenue, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong Province, China

Main Market: Asia, Australasia, Central/South America, North America, Western Europe

Years of experience: 20 years

Certificates: CE, CPSIA, REACH, ROHS

Guangzhou Care Uniform is one of the established and reliable scrub manufacturer in China. Care Uniform specializes in the production of scrubs and a variety of uniforms such as nurse uniforms, doctor’s lab coats, pharmacist’s uniforms, security uniform, janitorial clothes and many more. The company carries the popular brand “Merucare” which is being exported in the international markets worldwide. 

Care Uniform has a 2,500-square-meter scrub factory and workshop. They have over 300 sewing machines and 360 professional and skilled workers. The company has an annual production of 600,000 sets of uniforms.

Moreover, Care Uniform offers customization and private label services at a low cost. The company’s products are made from high quality raw materials to ensure they pass REACH, CPSIA and other tests.

Key Products
  • Medical suits and scrubs
  • Medical and dental lab coats
  • Nurse uniforms
  • Security uniforms
  • Food handling uniform

Hubei Medwear Protective Products Co., Ltd.

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, OEM, Private Label

Headquarters: 3 Group, Wangfeng, Pengchang Town, Xiantao, Hubei, China

Main Market: South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East

Years of experience: 15 years

Certificates: UKAS, NQA, FDA

Exporting port: Wuhan or Shanghai

Hubei Medwear Protective Products is a certified and trusted manufacturer of medical and surgical clothing in China. The company currently has an annual turnover of USD 1.5 million. 

They specialize in manufacturing disposable protective clothing made from high-quality SMS, and PP nonwoven fabric. Their popular products include PPE clothing, medical scrubs, and isolation gowns. The company offers OEM, private labeling, and contract manufacturing.

Mediwear Protective Products currently has 500 full-time professional workers and an export capacity of 40 containers per month. 

Key Products
  • Protective medical scrubs
  • Disposable isolation gowns
  • Surgical gowns
  • SMS surgical gowns
  • PP isolation gowns
  • Dust-proof plastic isolation gowns

Fullstar Non-woven Products Co. Ltd

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, OEM, Private Label

Headquarters: Gongtong Industrial Zone Pengchang Ave, Xiantao, Hubei, China

Main Market: North America, Eastern Europe, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe

Years of experience: 27 years

Certificates: ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, FDA, CE

Exporting port: Wuhan or Shanghai

Fullstar Non-woven Products is a manufacturer and supplier of disposable scrubs and medical gowns. The company has over 3 decades of experience in the market and trade of hospital apparel, surgical clothing, and PPE. They also offer FFP2 and FFP3 face masks, protective shoe covers, aprons, surgical gloves and others. 

Fullstar has two manufacturing factories with a 28,000 sqm area and 1,200 sewers and professional workers. The company has a monthly capacity of over 100×40’ high cube containers. They have supplied to hospitals, laboratories, government departments, agricultural industries, restaurants, food processing and handling factories, and hotels worldwide.

Key Products
  • Disposable medical PP scrub suits
  • Disposable SMS lab coats
  • Coveralls type 3/4/5/6
  • Fire-retardant coveralls
  • AAMI Level 2 isolation gowns
  • Disposable plastic waterproof CPE gowns

Crown Name (WH) United Co., Ltd.

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Trading Company

Headquarters: Changhang Building Room 1805, 18/F.,   No. 69 Yanjiang Avenue, Wuhan, Hubei, China

Main Market: Japan, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America and Middle East 

Years of experience: 24 years

Certificates: CE, ISO13485, ISO 9001:2015

Crown Name (WH) United is a certified scrub manufacturing company in China established in 1996 and based in Wuhan. The company manufactures a wide range of PPE clothing such as disposable surgical gowns, medical coveralls, scrub suits, patient gowns, lab coats, microporous laminated medical clothing, and non-woven coveralls. They also offer N95 respirators, and FFP2 and FFP3 masks.

The company has a 110,000 sqm manufacturing facility with over 2,000 professional workers. They have over USD $30 million in annual revenue and export products to over 50 countries worldwide. 

Key Products
  • Scrub suits
  • Lab coats made from SMS
  • Tyvek lab coats
  • Surgical gowns
  • Patient gowns
  • Microporous laminated lab coats
  • PP isolation gowns
  • Spunlace surgical gowns
  • Disposable PP coveralls

Wrapping Up

To sum up, these are the best scrub manufacturers and suppliers in the world. These medical apparel companies produce high-quality and reliable scrubs, protective apparel, suits, surgical attire, disposable protective suits, and medical scrubs.

For other resources on the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters, please refer to the following articles below:


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