3 Best makeup Brush manufacturers in UK

3 Best Makeup Brush Manufacturers in UK

Looking into starting your own makeup line this 2024 but don’t know where to find makeup brush manufacturers/suppliers in UK? 

Or, do you want to design your own cosmetic brush and let someone manufacture it in bulk? But your problem is, you don’t have any idea which manufacturer is reliable out of tons of options presented to you. Or perhaps you only need to order bulks of makeup brushes at a lesser price than the mall prices.

Don’t worry as we’ve got you covered! This article lists the best makeup brush manufacturers you can find in the UK.

Before we hop into that list, it’s worth knowing if the makeup brushes and applicators business is a good investment this year.

Market Trend in the UK in 2024: How is the Makeup Brush Industry Shaping the Cosmetic Industry?

British women are one of the most fearless and sophisticated makeup wearers in the world. When it comes to makeup application, Brits are pretty serious about it, trying different shades to get the right color, shade and look. In fact, a survey reveals that Europe is the largest makeup consumption market in the West next to the US.

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There is also a high market demand for vegan makeup brushes, mineral, and natural brushes, and personalized makeup brushes over the next few years.

This means more opportunities for you bring into the market a wide array of designs and custom makeup brushes under your brand. You only need to find a reliable private-label makeup brush manufacturer or a contract manufacturer.

Here are our top recommendations.

1. Crown Brush

crown brush logo UK makeup brush manufacturer

Crown brush has been a makeup brush manufacturer for over 35 years. The company has a wide range of products in its portfolio, making it one of the most sought manufacturers in the UK. 

Because Crown has a large manufacturing capacity of over 80,000 brushes per day, it has delivered products to over 80 countries worldwide. 

If you are looking for value-priced products of good quality, you can partner with Crown. The company offers low-cost makeup brushes with lots of options. They are also one of the largest brands in Europe. 

The company has partnered with numerous indie brand owners, senior buyers, and even retail chain stores. 

Key Products: 

  • Cruelty-free, natural and synthetic brushes, powder brushes, detail brushes, 

Capabilities and Services:

  • Offers turnkey process for private labeling, from the design and conceptualization stage up to the manufacturing stage, packaging, and labeling.

2. Wormser UK

Wormser UK is a custom makeup manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in producing top-of-the-line cosmetic products. The company offers a full range of makeup products from make-up to cosmetic tools and disposables to skincare and fragrances. 

Wormser UK not only offers wholesale of their own brand, but also private labeling. They have their own manufacturing line conforming with the industry standard manufacturing regulations. 

Key Products: 

  • From single brushes to complete brush collection choices, you can select from.

Capabilities and Services:

  • Caters to bulk order capabilities; offers conceptualization assistance, and packaging design assistance.

3. Pro Brushes

Pro Brushes is a professional custom private label manufacturer of makeup brushes, blending sponges, and synthetic/mink lashes. They offer a unique and creative collection of cosmetic brushes that are high-quality and cruelty-free. Their products are highly recommendable, and durable with different bristle styles, ferrule materials and handle materials. 

Key products:

  • Angled, slender, stiff-bristled brushes for contour, and lipstick; large dome buffer brushes for powder; tapered foundation brush, dome-shaped buffer brushes; stippling brush, and many more.

Capabilities and Services:

  • Embossing services and engraving services, logo design, import duty and shipping

Wrapping Up

With tons of makeup products, tutorials, and Youtube videos promoting makeup in the web space, the cosmetic brush industry has been growing by the minute. It’s time for you to seize your opportunity and start your own makeup line if this is what you have in mind. 

For that, you need to find reliable makeup manufacturers to make your makeup tools for you. We hope this list helps you choose a trusted manufacturer in the UK, which you can conveniently work with. Whichever you choose, remember to pick a manufacturer you can fully trust.


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