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8 Best Asphalt Mixing Plant Suppliers in the US

In the dynamic world of road construction, the asphalt mixing plant is a cornerstone of productivity and efficiency. 

As we look into the heart of 2024, the industry stands at a crossroads of innovation and reliability, with a market value exceeding $6 billion and a projected growth to $7.52 billion by 2028. 

For professionals in the field, understanding the nuances of these plants isn’t just technical – it’s critical for business success.

Whether you’re overseeing large-scale infrastructure projects or smaller, local road repairs, the choice of manufacturer has significant implications on your project’s outcome and your company’s bottom line.

From our experience in the construction industry, it’s clear that the details make all the difference. Consider the operational capacity – does it align with your project’s scale? 

Think about the plant’s features – are they advanced enough to deliver quality while optimizing costs? 

And crucially, evaluate the manufacturer’s after-sales support and expertise – are they equipped to handle your specific needs?

In this article, we’re going to explore the top eight asphalt mixing plant manufacturers in the US. These are the companies that have consistently proven their worth in both innovation and reliability.

The Heart of an Asphalt Plant: Key Components

An asphalt plant consists of components:

  1. Cold Aggregate Supply System: The starting point where different sizes of aggregates are stored and fed into the production process.
  2. Drum Dryer: Here, the aggregates are dried and heated.
  3. Coal Burner/Feeder: These components provide the necessary heat for the drying process.
  4. Dust Collector: Essential for environmental protection, capturing and filtering out dust particles.
  5. Hot Aggregate Elevator and Vibrating Screen: They work together to grade and transport the aggregates.
  6. Filler Supply System: This adds fillers like stone dust to the mix.
  7. Weighing and Mixing System: Precision is key here, ensuring the right proportions.
  8. Pollution Control Unit: A crucial component for reducing the plant’s environmental impact.
  9. Asphalt Storage: Where the final product is stored before transportation.
  10. Bitumen Supply System: Provides the binding material for the aggregates.

Top Asphalt Mixing Plant Suppliers in the US

Here are eight of the manufacturers of asphalt mixing plants;

1. Gencor Industries, Inc.

Gencor Industries, Inc.

Gencor Industries, Inc. is a prominent name in the road and highway construction industry, specializing in delivering top-tier HMA (Hot Mix Asphalt) equipment solutions. 

They offer a diverse range of options for operational needs, including storage tanks, filtration systems, batch plants, and more.

The Ultraplant® with Ultradrum® Technology

The core of Gencor’s Ultraplant® is its unique and patented counterflow Ultradrum® technology. This innovative technology has been a game-changer in the industry, proven in hundreds of applications worldwide for its ability to produce high-quality hot mix asphalt cleanly and efficiently, without degradation. 

The Ultradrum® is designed with heavy-duty features, embodying Gencor’s commitment to durability and ruggedness. This technology makes the Ultraplant® arguably the heaviest built and most robust drum mix plant available in the market, setting a high standard in the industry for performance and reliability.

If you’re in search of an asphalt mixing plant manufacturer with deep expertise and a track record of quality, Gencor Industries, Inc. is equipped to provide everything needed for effective business operations.

  • Founded: 1895
  • Location: Orlando, FL 32810
  • Drum Mix Plants Equipment Configurations: Ultradrum, Ultradrum Advanced RAP Entry, Portable Ultraplant, Skidded Ultraplant
  • Capacity Range: 80t/h ~ 600t/h

2. Astec

Astec asphalt mixing plant manufacturer

Astec stands out as a seasoned asphalt mixing plant manufacturer, offering a range of industrial products that cater to various construction needs, from soil stabilizers to crushers. Their M-Pack plant boasts only 6 weeks of site preparation for your new asphalt plant. 

Astec is also known for their expertise in system integration for asphalt emulsion plants, catering to industries like forestry, mining, and road building.

A standout product in their lineup is the M-PackTM SETUP Asphalt Mixing Plant. This relocatable facility combines the capacity and size of a permanent installation with significantly reduced setup costs, offering a valuable blend of efficiency and convenience. 

The M-Pack plant is designed for quick setup; each component arrives in separate loads, ready for easy assembly. The sturdy steel construction of the modules allows for quick, hassle-free setup once they are lifted off the trailer onto a pre-leveled and paved site. 

  • Founded: 1972
  • Location: Chattanooga, TN 37421, USA
  • Features: Foundations, Pre-wiring and pre piping, drums (double barrel drum mixer, unidrum dryer/mixer), Total Air burner, silo choices (long term storage silos, short term storage silos), baghouse choices (pulse jet baghouse, reverse pulse baghouse), and other components such as inclined conyevors, belt scales, and control center.
  • Capacity Range: 80t/h ~ 600t/h
  • Product Models: Nomad™ Portable, Voyager™120/140, Six Pack® Portable, M-Pack™ Relocatable, BG1800/2200/2400/2800/3200

3. RLS Parts & Equipment Co.

RLS Parts and Equipment Co asphalt mixing plant manufacturer

RLS Parts & Equipment Co. located in Solon OH, has over 40 years of experience as an Asphalt Mixing Plant Manufacturer. They are dedicated to helping Asphalt Producers stay competitive and achieve success.

They offer top-notch replacement components and personalized engineering and fabrication services that are customized to fit the requirements of their clients. Their adaptability and range of offerings ensure that businesses receive the products and services enabling them to maintain a competitive edge.

  • Founded: 2009
  • Location: Solon, OH, USA
  • Features: RLS Parts & Equipment Co. specializes in a wide array of mixer and dryer components for asphalt mixing plants. Their offerings include:
    • Mixer Components: Mixer Tips, Shanks, Liners, Shafts, Collars, Gates, Gate Liners, and Shaft Collars.
    • Dryer Components: Seals, Dryer Shells, Tires, Drum Sprockets, Trunnions, Dryer Flights, and Dryer Drive Components (including Chain, Sprockets, Bearings, Gears, Motors, Speed Reducers).
    • Additional Parts: Elevator Components, Special Liners, Chain, Gears.

4. Asphalt Drum Mixers, Inc.

ADM asphalt mixing plant manufacturer

Asphalt Drum Mixers Inc. is a reputable manufacturer dedicated to supporting contractors and asphalt producers in paving the way for a future. Their extensive product range, including Asphalt Cement (AC) tanks, bag houses, cold feed bins, mineral filler storage silos, slat and weigh conveyors as recycle systems surpass industry standards while catering to the unique demands of each project.

  • Experience: Over 40 years
  • Location: Huntertown, IN 46748, USA
  • Features: Asphalt Drum Mixers, Inc. offers versatile asphalt mixing plant solutions that can be configured as portable, skid-mounted, or relocatable, catering to varying needs and project scopes.
  • Capacity Range: 60-425 TPH (Tons Per Hour)
  • Product Models: The company’s product lineup includes:
    • EX Series: Designed for high-volume production.
    • MileMaker Series: Known for its fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness.
    • Roadbuilder Series: Tailored for easy setup and operation.
    • SPL Series: Offers a compact and economical solution for small to medium-sized projects.

5. Tarmac International, Inc..

Tarmac International Inc asphalt mixing plant manufacturer

Tarmac International Inc. serves as a trusted partner for businesses seeking capital equipment solutions. As one of the manufacturers in the global asphalt mixing plant industry they specialize in delivering high quality parts and components for both direct and indirect thermal soil remediation plants, asphalt batch plants, drum mix plants and rotary mix plants. With their experience spanning decades in this field Tarmac International can assist you in exploring various options, for acquiring capital equipment.

  • Founded: 2013
  • Location: Blue Springs, MO 64013, USA
  • Features: Tarmac International, Inc. specializes in a variety of systems for asphalt production and other industrial applications, including:
    • Sand, Aggregate & Bulk Material Drying: Systems designed for efficient drying of a range of materials.
    • Thermal Soil Remediation: Equipment for treating contaminated soil.
    • Coal and Fly Ash: Solutions for processing coal and fly ash.
    • Hot Mix Asphalt: Plants for producing high-quality hot mix asphalt.
    • Control Design & Integration: Advanced control systems for seamless operation and integration.
  • Capacity Range: Up to 450 tons per hour.

6. Aesco/Madsen

Aesco asphalt mixing plant manufacturer

For 40 years Aesco/Madsen has been leading the way in the asphalt industry. They specialize in creating control systems that seamlessly integrate with any asphalt plant.

Their exceptional customer service and technical support are unrivaled, offering asphalt plant owners a solution to avoid downtimes.

As one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, Aesco Madsen is dedicated to ensuring their customers success by providing customer service and technical support regardless of the brand.

  • Year Founded: 1980
  • Location: Auburn, WA 98001, USA
  • Features:
    • High Ratio Baghouse: A new technology in the asphalt industry offering a compact collector with lower initial costs, reduced maintenance, and improved efficiency.
    • CFM Series Counterflow Dryer / Drum Mixer: These drum mixers, available in both portable and stationary models, range from 140 to 500 tons per hour, designed to meet a wide range of application requirements.
    • WM Series Self Erect Silo: These portable self-erect silos, available in 50 and 80-ton storage capacities, come with a complete package including drag slat conveyor, storage silo, and self-erecting system.
    • Asphalt Cement Tank: Horizontal asphalt storage tanks in various sizes, ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 US Gallons, designed for optimal heat efficiency and long-lasting usage.
  • Capacity Range: Drum mixers range from 140 to 500 tons per hour, with silos available in 50 and 80-ton storage capacities.

7. Eagle Crusher Co., Inc.

Eagle Crusher is a manufacturer of Asphalt Mixing Plants. They offer heavy duty impact crushers specifically designed for the concrete, asphalt, aggregate and recycling industries.

Their wide range of products includes crushing and screening plants, jaw crushers and conveyors. With Team Eagles expertise customers can expect products along with aftermarket service and support.

From handling concrete mixed with steel rebar to tackling applications, with hard rock without equipment fatigue. All their equipment and systems are engineered to handle any challenging situation.

  • Founded: 1915
  • Location: Galion, OH 44833, USA
  • Product Line:
    • Impact Crushers: Specializing in heavy-duty impact crushers designed for the concrete, asphalt, aggregate, and recycling industries.
    • Portable Crushing and Screening Plants: Offering a range of portable solutions for on-site crushing and screening.
    • Jaw Crushers: Providing robust and reliable jaw crushers for various material processing needs.
    • Rubber-Tired Aggregate Crushing Plants: Offering mobility and flexibility for aggregate crushing applications.

8. Kemper Equipment, Inc.

Kemper Equipment, Inc.

Kemper Equipment, Inc. stands as a leading manufacturer of asphalt mixing plants with expertise in designing and constructing material handling systems for the transportation of thousands of tons of materials by truck, rail or barge. With industry experience and strong partnerships with manufacturers they are well prepared to provide tailored solutions for any project requirement. Their vast knowledge and proficiency ensure material handling solutions, for businesses in need.

  • Founded: 1990
  • Location: Honey Brook, PA 19344, USA
  • Offerings: Kemper Equipment provides a comprehensive range of equipment and systems for asphalt plants and related applications, including:
    • Impact Crushers and Screeners: For efficient crushing and screening of materials.
    • Plant Installations: Comprehensive solutions for setting up new asphalt plants.
    • Aggregate Conveyor Systems: Designed for efficient material handling and transportation.
    • Glass Crushing Machines: Specialized equipment for crushing glass materials.
    • Additional Equipment: An extensive array of plant equipment, including baghouses, heaters, dryers, scales, silos, and advanced automation systems.

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