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13 Food Manufacturers in Ohio

The food manufacturing industry can be intimidating, with a lot of companies hailing for your attention. However, it is possible to find the right food manufacturer for your needs if you put in some effort and do research. We will narrow down the best manufacturers of food dishes and supplies.

How to Find the Suitable Manufacturer for Your Restaurant?

Business owners looking for food products have the challenging task of finding the right partner. 

From researching potential manufacturers to negotiating deals, it’s a complex process that requires careful consideration of factors such as quality, price, and delivery time. 

Working with an experienced partner like Greater Goods can save business owners valuable time and resources by giving them industry insights, technical expertise, and professional negotiators. 

With the help of a knowledgeable and reliable partner, entrepreneurs can make informed decisions that match their business needs and maximize profitability. Ultimately, finding the right manufacturer is no easy feat. 

But with the proper guidance from a trusted ally, entrepreneurs can confidently launch their food venture without any unnecessary hiccups.

13 Food Suppliers In Ohio

1. The J M Smucker Company

Location: 1 Strawberry Ln Orrville, OH, 44667-1298 United States

The J.M Smucker Company is a prestigious maker of food and drink products that are widely recognized worldwide, especially in the United States. 

Its popular trademark names such as Jif, Folgers coffee, Smucker’s Uncrustables, Café Bustelo, Milk-Bone, and Rachael Ray Nutrish provide an assortment of tasty, handy, and ethically-manufactured food options for pets and individuals alike. T

The primary contributors to the corporation’s earnings are cat food, pet snacks, dog food, peanut butter, and coffee. 

Smucker’s makes available items that have become an indispensable part of the daily routine of households across the globe.

2. Givaudan Flavors Corporation

Location: 1199 Edison Dr #1-2, Cincinnati, OH 45216, United States

Givaudan Flavors Corporation is a notable player in the world of creative and original flavors and perfumes for the food industry. 

The Taste & Wellbeing and Fragrance & Beauty segments cater to clients’ needs with solutions that conform to consumer preferences for clean labels, natural, and organic ingredients. 

Givaudan’s dedication to progress, sustainability, and collaboration with customers and partners, has established it as a trustworthy pioneer in creating revolutionary products and solutions. 

Established over two centuries ago, Givaudan capitalizes on its digital capabilities to drive a future of enlightened growth, enlivening the world through innovative flavors and fragrances that reinforce the values of contentment and well-being.

3. Procter & Gamble

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Procter & Gamble has established five Sector Business Units, namely Baby, Feminine, and Family Care; Beauty; Health Care; Grooming; and Fabric and Home Care and Food. 

These SBUs are responsible for managing the company’s 10 product categories and distributing them across the 80% largest and most profitable markets, commonly known as Focus Markets. Besides, P&G has a separate unit responsible for generating sales, profit, and value creation in its Enterprise Markets, which helps support these SBUs and Focus Markets.

Procter & Gamble’s organizational structure is strategically developed to guarantee agility, accountability, and efficiency in promoting growth and creating value for both itself and its food production customers. Additionally, P&G ensures that its corporate resources are promptly accessible to provide comprehensive services, governance, stewardship, and support.

4. Lancaster Colony Corporation

Location: 380 Polaris Pkwy Ste 400 Westerville, OH, 43082-8069 United States

Lancaster Colony Corporation is a well-established food manufacturer situated in the United States, specializing in creating specialty food products for retail and food service customers.

Since being founded in 1961 and popularizing trademark names such as Marzetti®, New York Brand® Bakery, and Sister Schubert’s®, Lancaster Colony has emerged as a highly respected leader in its industry.

In 1969, the acquisition of the T. Marzetti Company facilitated Lancaster Colony’s ability to create top-tier specialty food items for a range of consumers. It currently operates ten primary factories and seven warehouses, thus offering a diverse range of products, from croutons to garlic bread.

Lancaster Colony’s unwavering dedication to producing dependable and high-quality food products has led to significant growth and stability in the industry.

5. Advancepierre Foods Holdings, Inc.

Location: 9990 Princeton Glendale Rd West Chester, OH, 45246-1116 United States

AdvancePierre Foods Holdings, Inc. specializes in providing personalized resources to a wide range of its clients, such as K-12 schools, restaurants, healthcare facilities, colleges and universities, lodging establishments, convenience stores, and vending & micro markets.

They offer menu solutions based on exclusive insights and incentive programs that are designed to help their clients optimize profits. Moreover, AdvancePierre also supplies an extensive variety of food products tailored to meet the demands of its customers.

Some of the most sought-after items from AdvancePierre include BIG AZ® BaconAddict® Cheeseburger, Mexican Original® Red/White/Blue Tortilla Chips, Tyson’s Pride® Uncooked Hot N’ Spicy Chicken Breast Filets, and Tyson® Fire Stingers® Fully Cooked Spicy Bone-In Chicken Wings.

6. Shearer’s Foods, LLC

Location: 100 Lincoln Way E Massillon, OH, 44646-6634 United States

Shearer’s Foods is an established supplier of private labels and contract manufacturing services for the snack industry. 

As a leading provider of snacks, Shearer’s produces a wide range of delicious conventional, organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and kosher snacks in multiple flavors and sizes. Covering multiple locations all over North America, Shearer’s has earned considerable recognition and trust for delivering snacks that meet exacting quality standards. 

They offer various product selections, such as cheese curls, traditional potato chips, crackers, and cookies. The company’s continued focus on innovation and growth propels them to stay ahead of the competition in the snack industry, underpinned by its family principles and business acumen.

7. T.marzetti Company

Location: 380 Polaris Pkwy Ste 400 Westerville, OH, 43082-8069 United States

T. Marzetti is a reliable producer and seller of numerous food products, which can be purchased both in retail and food service settings. Their range of goods includes classic favorites such as dressings, dips, crunchy croutons, and frozen baked products.

The company holds exclusive rights to produce and distribute Olive Garden dressings, Arby’s sauces, Buffalo Wild Wings sauces, and Chick-fil-A sauces in retail settings.

Founded by Teresa Marzetti in the late 19th century, T. Marzetti has now become part of the Lancaster Colony Corporation. As a provider of quality food products for retailers as well as food service operators all over the nation, T. Marzetti has earned its reputation for being an esteemed supplier of premium food items.

8. William Tricker, Inc

Location: Independence, OH 44131

William Tricker Inc. is a renowned supplier of supplies and equipment for aquaculture. Their expansive selection of products encompasses filters, pumps, fish food, containers, fertilizers, sprays, and lights, along with some other necessities like diffusers, air stones, and bubble wands. Not only do they offer aquaculture merchandise but also manufacture water fountains.

9. Pierre’s Ice Cream Company

Location: Cleveland, OH 44103

Pierre’s Ice Cream Co. is a renowned manufacturer of frozen desserts, providing the regional area with their sweet treats. They specialize in ice cream, sorbet, sherbet, and frozen yogurt as well as more peculiar sweet dishes such as sundae cones and ice cream sandwiches. With a broad array of tastes available, it’s easy to find something that will surely delight everyone.

10. Arlington Valley Farms Co.

Location: Hudson, OH 44236

Arlington Valley Farms Co. is a leading producer of frozen baked goods, like sandwiches and waffles, that serve an array of customers. Their single-serve products are great for people looking for a fast snack or breakfast, as they can be consumed right away upon being taken out of the packaging.

Having been in the business for several years now, this food manufacturer caters to many organizations such as healthcare entities, educational institutions, retail grocers, and office snack programs.

11. Baxters North America

Location: Cincinnati, OH 45242

Baxters North America is a highly esteemed producer of ready-to-eat foods that services several industries, including but not limited to food service, retail, and military.

They offer a wide selection of scrumptious items like cooked pasta, breakfast dishes, soups, MREs, sauces, sides, veggies, and fruit purees for babies. Moreover, patrons can benefit from organic and vegetarian choices according to their dietary requirements. As one of the contract manufacturers in the market, Baxters North America supplies all-inclusive engineering support for its clients in addition to the typical products found in its catalog.

12. Dominion Liquid Technologies

Location: Cincinnati, OH 45227

Dominion Liquid Technologies is a private label and contract manufacturer of all sorts of liquid products and beverages, ranging from sauces and marinades to energy shot drinks and water enhancers. 

Their extensive selection includes slush and smoothie flavors to syrups such as corn, coffee, caramel, vanilla, and maple. As a quality assurance measure, all of their products are rigorously certified according to kosher, Halal, and USDA standards to guarantee the best results for food manufacturers.

13. Sugar Creek Packing Co.

Location: Washington Court House, OH 43160

Sugar Creek Packing Co. is an esteemed custom food manufacturer that specializes in ready-to-eat, organic, and fresh items for the food service and retail sectors. 

Their extensive selection ranges from beef, seafood, and pork to sausages, burgers, meatballs, turkey, and chicken bacon. 

The expert staff at Sugar Creek are dedicated to providing their customers with the finest quality and safest products with their focus firmly set on sustainability, innovativeness, and productivity.

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