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13 Best Hair Clip Manufacturers in the World

The world of fashion is constantly evolving, and hair accessories, particularly hair clips, play a significant role in adding that extra charm to any ensemble. In this blog, we will explore the top 12 hair clip manufacturers globally, each known for its unique strengths and contributions to the industry.

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Key Takeaways

  • The hair clip industry features a diverse array of manufacturers catering to different market needs.
  • Unique product offerings set manufacturers apart in a crowded market.
  • Companies differentiate themselves through unique selling points such as specialization in certain product types, customization abilities, and adherence to environmental standards.
  • The commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is a common denominator among these leading manufacturers.

Profitability in the Hair Clip Manufacturing Industry: A Key Consideration for the Top Manufacturers

Understanding the profitability dynamics of this sector is crucial. This aspect sheds light on how these leading companies sustain their market position and continuously innovate in a competitive landscape.

Market Demand and Trend Alignment

The leading hair clip manufacturers, as profiled in our list, thrive by keenly responding to market demands. Trends in the hair accessory industry, such as the shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly products, significantly influence consumer buying patterns. Manufacturers who quickly adapt to these trends, like those specializing in eco-friendly hair clips, find themselves in a profitable niche, tapping into a customer base willing to invest in sustainable fashion.

Navigating Through Competition

In the competitive world of hair clip manufacturing, differentiation is key. The top manufacturers set themselves apart through unique designs, quality materials, and innovative features. This strategy is not just about standing out but also about capturing a significant share of the market, thereby enhancing profitability.

Cost Management and Quality

The balance between managing production costs and maintaining high-quality standards is a delicate art that these manufacturers have mastered. By optimizing the costs of raw materials, labor, and production processes, they ensure that the final product is priced competitively while still offering a considerable profit margin.

Strategic Marketing

A robust marketing strategy is vital for these manufacturers. By effectively utilizing digital marketing, social media platforms, and influencer partnerships, they have expanded their reach, ensuring their products resonate with the target audience. This approach is not just about sales but about building a brand that customers trust and identify with.

Examples of Profitability in Action

  • Eco-Friendly Focus: Some manufacturers in our list have directed their efforts towards creating sustainable hair accessories, leveraging the eco-conscious market trend. This approach allows them to command a higher price point, justifying it with the value of sustainability.
  • Luxury Market Penetration: Other manufacturers have targeted the luxury segment, offering high-end, designer hair clips. By associating with luxury brands and celebrities, they tap into a market segment where customers are willing to pay a premium for exclusivity and high fashion.

13 Best Hair Clip Manufacturers in the World

Source: Yiyi

1. Yiwu Collection Imp and Exp Co. Ltd

  • Years in Business: Since 2012
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Fashion Jewelry, including a wide array of necklaces and hair accessories
  • Unique Selling Points: Quick adaptation to fashion trends, ability to handle small, mixed-style orders and OEM orders
  • Certifications or Awards: Complies with international environment-friendly standards

Located in Yiwu, the renowned “jewelry factory world,” Yiwu Collection is at the forefront of fashion trends. 

Yiwu Collection Imp and Exp Co. Ltd, established in 2012, stands out for its deep integration into Yiwu’s rich jewelry manufacturing landscape. The company excels in capturing the latest fashion trends directly from the heart of Yiwu – globally recognized as the epicenter for fashionable and diverse jewelry designs. 

This positioning allows them to update their product offerings with the most fashionable items promptly. Their specialization extends beyond necklaces to include an impressive array of fashion accessories like hair clips, emphasizing both style and environmental compliance.

2. Sinrong Hairdressing & Cosmetics Products Firm

  • Years in Business: Since 2000
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Cosmetic and hairdressing, with a range of hair care and styling products
  • Unique Selling Points: Creation of well-known brands, international market coverage
  • Certifications or Awards: ISO9001:2000, CCC authentication certification

Founded in 2000, Sinrong Hairdressing & Cosmetics Products Firm has evolved to embody the philosophy of combining quality and affordability in beauty products. Their emphasis on developing products that align with international quality standards has enabled them to establish prominent brands such as BEAUDY and CHARMVIT. 

Sinrong’s dedication to research and development has seen them expand significantly since their inception, establishing a firm presence not only in the Chinese market but also internationally.

3. Yiwu Tongrui Jewelry Factory

  • Years in Business: Established in 2005
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Fashion accessories, including jewelry and hair ornaments
  • Unique Selling Points: Customization abilities, non-toxic and Ni-free products

Since its establishment in 2005, Yiwu Tongrui Jewelry Factory has carved out a niche in creating diverse fashion accessories and jewelry. Located in Zhejiang, China, known as ‘the sea of small commodities,’ they offer a comprehensive range of products from brooches to hair clips. Their commitment to customization and responsive design – based on their design philosophy “Simplification, Fashion, Perfection” – enables them to cater to varying customer preferences while ensuring environmental sustainability.

4. Pollux Enterprise Ltd

  • Years in Business: Since 1999
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Fashion jewelry, hair ornaments, and various accessories
  • Unique Selling Points: Extensive sourcing network, on-demand sourcing capabilities

Pollux Enterprise Ltd, rooted in Hong Kong since 1999, excels as an exporter with a distinctive East-West sensibility. This expertise allows them to adeptly bridge global market demands with the vast manufacturing capabilities of China. Their offerings range from fashion jewelry to hair ornaments and extend to artificial plants and auto accessories, showcasing their diverse sourcing network and comprehensive product development abilities.

5. Good Hair Days®

  • Years in Business: N/A
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Hair accessories manufacturing
  • Unique Selling Points: Majority of products manufactured in the USA, handcrafted items

Good Hair Days®, established in Leominster, Massachusetts, embodies American craftsmanship in the production of hair accessories. Their story intertwines with Leominster’s historical significance in comb-making and plastics manufacturing, enabling them to offer high-quality hair accessories made predominantly in the USA. Their specialization includes an extensive assortment of side combs, hairpins, chignon pins, and headbands, emphasizing handmade craftsmanship and superior plastic quality.

6. JR Fashion Accessories

  • Years in Business: Since 2019 (part of Jin Sheu Group established in 1984)
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Custom-made fashion jewelry and accessories
  • Unique Selling Points: Full-service custom jewelry manufacturing solutions, low MOQ

JR Fashion Accessories, founded in 2019 as part of the Jin Sheu Group, epitomizes expertise in custom-made fashion jewelry and accessories. Their establishment in Taiwan, supported by decades of experience from Jin Sheu Company since 1984, positions them uniquely in the market. JR Fashion Accessories’ prowess lies in providing comprehensive solutions – from CAD design to metal casting – ensuring quality and versatility in their offerings.


  • Years in Business: Over 7 years
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Hair accessories manufacturing
  • Unique Selling Points: Extensive color inventory, personalized customization
  • Certifications or Awards: Passed CA65 and ROHS test and certified

With over seven years in operation, YIYI stands tall in the realm of hair accessory manufacturing. They have distinguished themselves through extensive experience in creating environmentally-friendly and ROHS-compliant hair accessories. Their approach focuses on offering extensive customization opportunities, with over 800 colors available, allowing businesses and consumers to tailor their selections to specific preferences and requirements.

8. Taimeng Hair Accessories

  • Years in Business: Since 1994
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Various hair accessories
  • Unique Selling Points: Experienced development department, international certifications
  • Certifications or Awards: ISO9001, GRS

Taimeng Accessories Co., Ltd., founded in 1994, has grown into a powerhouse in hair accessory manufacturing. They have expanded considerably, going from a modest beginning to employing over 500 employees. Their specialization in various hair accessories, including eco-friendly plastic clips and fashionable fabric ornaments, is supported by certifications like ISO9001 and GRS. Their growth has been accompanied by recognition from leading brands and supermarket chains worldwide.

9. Vickkybeauty

  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Plastic hair clips manufacturing
  • Unique Selling Points: OEM and ODM services, experienced in mold development

Vickkybeauty, a renowned name in the manufacturing and wholesale of plastic hair clips, stands out for its commitment to innovation and adaptation. While specific establishment details are not mentioned, their expertise in offering customizable solutions – including mold development – demonstrates their responsiveness to market needs. They pride themselves on offering quality products with practical functionality, catering to over 30 countries globally.

10. Yiyi Hair Accessories Co., Ltd.

  • Years in Business: Since 2014
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Hair accessories supply
  • Unique Selling Points: Extensive selection of materials and colors, low MOQ

Since its inception in 2014, Yiyi Hair Accessories Co., Ltd. has made significant strides as a leading supplier in China’s competitive hair accessories market. Their expertise lies in efficiently managing the entire production process, from sourcing materials to delivering finished products. Their commitment to providing extensive options – both in material and design – and their low MOQ approach make them particularly attractive to businesses of varying sizes.

11. Dreamwork

  • Years in Business: Since 1998
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Fashion jewelry and accessories
  • Unique Selling Points: Exceptional design and customization solutions

Dreamwork, established in 1998, has distinguished itself as a seasoned player in fashion jewelry and accessories production. Their journey over the years has seen them build up substantial expertise, contributing to an annual turnover exceeding 20 million. Known for their creative designs, competitive pricing, and outstanding service, they have become trusted suppliers to brand stores and retailers worldwide, showcasing their ability to adapt to market demands and customer preferences.

Dreamwork is distinguished by its competitive pricing and punctual delivery. Their extensive experience and customer-centric approach have made them preferred suppliers for brand stores and retailers globally.

12. Fame Accessories

  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Trendy hair accessories
  • Unique Selling Points: Wide product range, focus on quality

Fame Accessories, a prominent supplier of hair accessories, has carved a niche by aligning their products with contemporary fashion trends. Although their establishment date is unspecified, their focus on providing stylish options for a diverse customer base stands out. Their product range encompasses everything from simple clips to ornate designs with sparkles, pearls, or beads, illustrating their commitment to quality and versatility in meeting the demands of modern consumers.

13. Hongyu Plastic

Established in 2006, Hongyu Plastic Co. Ltd. ventures beyond traditional boundaries by offering an eclectic array of products, including cords, ribbons, and hair accessories. Their emphasis on quality materials and manufacturing processes has allowed them to serve various international markets, demonstrating their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. This dedication has cemented their position as a trusted provider of versatile and durable products.


Q: What are the most important factors to consider when choosing a hair clip manufacturer?

A: Key factors include the manufacturer’s experience in the industry, specific product offerings, customization capabilities, and adherence to quality standards.

Q: Can these manufacturers cater to small-scale businesses?

A: Yes, many manufacturers mentioned, such as Yiwu Collection and JR Fashion Accessories, can handle small orders and offer customization, making them suitable for small-scale businesses.

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