8 Best Marble Suppliers in the Philippines (1)

8 Best Marble Suppliers in the Philippines

Marble application has a lot of endless possibilities, but the problem is the price to pay with the design we want. This is why we need to find marble suppliers who will not only give us a good price but also give us a quality that is equivalent to the price they charge.

Marble suppliers carry an immense variety of high-end products to be used for various purposes throughout the home. Countertops and floors can be created with marble, in addition to backsplashes and wall features. 

It is also a luxurious choice for bathrooms that will bring a sense of elegance and grandeur. When attempting to bring design ambition alive, we should find marble suppliers that will give us a reasonable price. This is why, in that case, I will provide you with the top companies supplying marble.

How to Choose a Marble Effectively?

1. Check for Counterfeits

It is important to do thorough research when shopping for marble, as there are a number of counterfeit varieties on the market. 

The majority of marble available comes from Spain, China, India, and Italy, although domestic sources may also be sourced. To ensure that you are getting the real deal, it is essential to investigate its authenticity and verify its source.

2. Check the Variety of Marble Available In Your Area

When selecting a marble slab, you can choose from a plethora of surface patterns and colors, ranging from subtle to striking. 

Breccia has an abundance of warm tones alongside dark grey or black veining that appears as captivating swirls and bubbles beneath its surface. Carrara is celebrated for its greyish-white shades and thinly spread veining. Calacatta has an elegant white color with bolder veining which creates a captivating contrast. 

With these options in mind, you can easily find the ideal marble slab to bring your interior décor vision to life.

3. Check For Stains, Crack, and others

If you are seeking out marble slabs for a business endeavor, it is important to ensure that the supplier you choose is ISO-certified and offers verified products. 

Before buying, be sure to inspect the surface for any cracks or blemishes, and check the dimensions and thickness of each slab to make sure they are all consistent. Artificial coloring should also be avoided, as this may quickly fade after installation. 

4. Choose The Color Wisely

When considering a marble countertop for a kitchen or bathroom, you should take into account the current color scheme of the flooring and walls. 

Marble comes in numerous shades, such as pink, black, white, brown, orange, red, grey, green, and gold. Furthermore, its veining patterns generally give the slabs an attractive overall aesthetic. 

Understandably though, marble is a natural material and so slight variations in color and veining irregularities may occur. As such, business owners should ensure that whatever selection they make suits their interior décor.

5. Choose a Finishing Type

When buying marble slabs for a home, there are multiple factors to consider.

High-gloss polishing is the most popular choice for marble, as it brings out the attractive veining and gives an eye-catching glossy finish that can last for years if properly maintained. 

Alternatively, honed finishes provide a softer matte look with less of a gleam than polished variants. It may be worthwhile consulting a marble slab provider to make sure you understand all the available options and make an educated purchase. With correct handling and care, marble can turn any house into a beautiful space.

8 Marble Suppliers To Consider

1. Marblecare Philippines

marble suppliers philippines

Location: 12th Floor Times Plaza Building, United Nations Ave, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila

Marblecare Philippines offers a wealth of experience and the best restoration tools for any marble requirement. 

The company has a wide selection of top-grade supplies, tools, and accessories to guarantee a high-quality service. 

Furthermore, they provide management and consulting services such as stone consultation and procurement strategies tailored to large build developments. Quality inspection for marble fabrication and site installation is also available, allowing clients to maintain their materials in perfect condition. 

With all these services at the ready, anyone can get a lifetime’s worth of luxury from their marble investments.

2. Saint Mark Construction Supply

marble suppliers philippines - Sain Mark Construction Supply

Location: 1079 Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Balintawak, Quezon City, 1106 Metro Manila

At Saint Mark Construction Supply, you can find marble products from some of the country’s leading suppliers. 

With 10 years of credibility in its work, the company consists of experienced fabricators and installers with a long history in the industry. Not only do they provide natural stone products, but they also offer custom fabrication and installation services, so all your marble needs can be handled by one contractor. In their showroom customers can check out an array of marble, granite, quartz, onyx, sandstone, and travertine slabs to choose the perfect product for their project. 

The team at Saint Mark Construction Supply is committed to offering high-grade marble products and services – letting customers experience a lifetime of luxury from their marble investments.

3. STONE DEPOT | Granite Marble Quartz

marble suppliers philippines - Stone Depot

Location: Pope John Paul II Avenue, Corner Golam Dr, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

Stone Depot offers reliable marble supplier services for companies and homeowners. Their experienced professionals have backgrounds in a variety of industries, helping customers make informed decisions on their projects. 

They use top-grade materials such as granite, marble, and engineered quartz for their kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops. Moreover, Stone Depot is committed to creating successful collaborations through client involvement and great ideas. 

With their combined effort, they strive to guarantee the highest quality marble supplier services for every customer.

4. Italica Granite and Marbles (Pristine Stones)

marble suppliers philippines

Location: Warehouse 3B,Pasig City, Pasig, 1212 Me, RDC Complex, Mercedes Avenue, Extension, Pasig, 1212 Metro Manila

Italica Granite and Marbles has provided quality marble materials to Filipino homeowners for over two decades. Their professionalism, reliable products, and commitment to clients have given them a strong reputation as a trusted provider of marble supplies.

Italica Granite understands the value of having a home and ensures that only the best materials are used in building one’s sanctuary. They also prioritize listening to their customer’s needs and delivering on time, making them an invaluable partner in constructing dwellings that will last throughout time.

Business owners can rely on Italica Granite and Marbles for their marble needs with the assurance of top-notch service. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, they can be a dependable supplier for all marble requirements.

5. Stefistone Granites & Marbles

marble suppliers philippines - Stefistone

Location: 1239 Quezon Ave, Balintawak, Quezon City, Metro Manila

STEFISTONE specializes in the production and installation of high-grade natural stones such as Granite, Marble, Onyx, Travertine, and Sandstone for both residential and commercial uses. They fabricate countertops and flooring for all types of businesses including hotels, restaurants, bars, office buildings, and more.

Their marble products are of top-notch quality in terms of cost and outstanding standards. With direct imports from their two large processing plants in Plaridel, Bulacan, and Balintawak, Quezon City, they offer wholesaler prices with strict control over quality management.

Highly trained personnel and experienced artisans make up the staff of STEFISTONE who are able to fulfill any customer needs. Therefore providing top-quality marble products and services at competitive rates. Furthermore, they strive to meet the demands of all clients while committing to satisfying all marble requirements.

6. Gembright Philippines

marble suppliers philippines Gembright

Location: Penthouse, East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center (PSEC, 1605 Exchange, Rd, Ortigas Center, Pasig, Rizal

Gembright Ent. Co., Ltd. has been a trusted provider of building materials since 1977, with partnerships in five continents and quarries in multiple countries. Now, through their association with SMS Global Technologies, Inc., they offer an end-to-end marble solution for Filipino customers from planning to execution. With offices and factories located in Hualien, Taiwan; Xiamen, China; Saudia Arabia, and the Philippines, Gembright provides high-quality marble solutions for every commercial or residential project across the globe.

Their top-notch natural stones and raw material come also from their own quarries in Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Finland, France, Greece, India, Italy, Norway, the Philippines South Africa Turkey, and the USA. Businesses looking for marble solutions can count on Gembright to provide them with a complete one-stop shopping experience.

7. Rafaello, Incorporated

marble suppliers philippines - Rafaello

Location: 3C, 2629 Park Ave, San Rafael, Pasay, 1302 Metro Manila

Established in 1999, Rafaello, Inc. is a family-run marble supplier that has gained recognition for its commitment to quality and customer service. They serve architects, contractors, and homeowners alike by providing services from fabricating to installing marble slabs for construction projects.

Providing physical samples and swatches of marble, Rafaello, Inc. allows clients to assess the unique characteristics of their chosen product for their project. With an assurance of quality materials and reliable delivery coupled with highly responsive customer service, they have become one of the leading marble suppliers in the industry.

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