Top 12 Shaft Manufacturers + Manufacturing Guide

Top 12 Shaft Manufacturers + Manufacturing Guide

Looking for the best shaft manufacturers for your company? We’ve rounded up the top shaft suppliers you can request a quote from!

Working with shaft manufacturers can be beneficial for many businesses. This is because these manufacturers possess materials, tools, and resources that can help to expedite production or enhance the design. 

Before committing to one supplier, it’s important to research a few different ones to find the right fit for your requirements. By doing so you can also ensure that you are getting the highest quality product and that your business model is on solid footing. We will list some of the leading companies to help you get started in your search.

Types of Shafts

different types of shafts

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1. Transmission Shaft

A transmission shaft is a crucial machine element that enables power transmission within various machines, including but not limited to automobiles, tractors, and industrial equipment. Through its rotational motion, a transmission shaft helps power to be transmitted from one part of the machine to another part. For instance, a shaft may link two or more gears or pulleys together, allowing them to rotate at varying speeds and transmit the required amount of power.

2. Machine Shaft

A machine shaft is an essential mechanical component utilized to supply rotary motion to other parts of a machine. It is often made up of two or more gears, pulleys, or sprockets that are interlinked by a long metal rod commonly known as the shaft. This shaft transmits torque and rotational force to other machine components, allowing them to work optimally. In summary, the machine shaft is a vital cog in machinery operations, enabling effective power transmissions as required.

3. Axle Shaft

An axle shaft refers to a type of machine shaft that transmits rotational force from an axle to power the driven part of a machine or vehicle. The axle shaft generally consists of two major components. The first component connects to the wheel or other moving parts, while the other one links to the axle. Typically, the axle shaft is composed of steel and may be straight or have helical splines depending on the desired application. This design allows for a seamless transfer of power and rotation to the intended components, ensuring efficient functionality of the machine or vehicle.

4. Spindle Shaft

Spindle shafts refer to machine shafts used to transmit power and torque in an axial or linear direction between devices, usually found in machines like lathes and mills, conveyors, or pumps. The design of the spindle shaft usually features a central rod and additional splines or teeth that facilitate smooth and secure power transmission between the connected devices. This type of machine shaft is critical in ensuring optimal and efficient operation in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Shafts Manufacturing: How are Shafts Manufactured

There are five main steps involved in the process: roughing, turning, grinding, finishing, and packing. 

Step 1: Roughing

t all starts with roughing, in which a metal blank is produced through casting or machining. The metal blank is then cut using machines such as lathes, milling machines, or broaching machines for specific shapes and lengths.

Step 2: Turning

Once the rough metal blank is shaped, the turning stage follows. This involves the use of various tools like lathes, mills, drill presses, and grinders to refine the metal blank and shape it accurately.

Step 3: Grinding

After that, the shaft is subjected to grinding. This next stage entails the use of abrasive wheels and high-powered grinding machines to further refine the metal blank and ensure that it is brought to its final shape and size.

Step 4: Finishing

Finishing comes next and is a crucial step in the manufacturing process of shafts. This step aims to give the metal surface a smooth finish by polishing it with various compounds or foregoing sanding for a more polished finish.

Step 5: Packing

Finally, the manufactured shafts are packed. They are packaged securely to protect them from damage while they are being transported or in storage. Once the packing is complete, the shafts are now ready for sale.

12 Manufacturers of Shafts

1. Hi-Standard Machining Co., Inc.

shaft manufacturers Hi-Standard Machining Co., Inc.

Location: Racine, WI 53404

For businesses requiring custom-made components in near-precision tolerance, Hi-Standard Machining Co., Inc. offers the perfect solution. This ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of Brown & Sharpe screw machined products and components can create parts ranging from 1/32 to 1 1/2 in capacity with a variety of metals or plastics. 

Their specialized services include hand screws, milling, drilling, tapping, threading, knurling, assembly, full inspection, packaging, and shipping. Shafts, washers bushings pistons tubes miniature parts threaded inserts caps plug bosses adapters, and posts are among the many items that Hi-Standard Machining produces for customers across various industries such as agricultural automotive construction hydraulic electronic medical defense hand and power tools motors, and general industrial. 

With a commitment to excellence in their craftsmanship and customer service, Hi-Standard Machining Co., Inc. is sure to exceed all expectations.

2. PMF Industries, Inc.

shaft manufacturers PMF Industries, Inc.

Location: Williamsport, PA 17701

PMF has been providing top-tier shaft manufacturing services since 1961, offering a vast array of technologies such as CNC machining, EDM, hot spinning, welding, laser cutting, and more. Their capabilities extend to all types of materials including aluminum, alloy steel, stainless steel, and more. 

They have earned a spotless reputation with the microelectronics, aerospace, energy, and other industries by adhering to strict ANSI st, standards and being NADCAP certified. 

Moreover, PMF is committed to precision, quality and affordability in all their products. By invariably innovating their facility, technologies, and workforce they are able to consistently meet customer demands in the shortest timeframe possible. Thus far they have succeeded in doing so for many years and are sure to continue for many more.

3. FZE Manufacturing Solutions

shaft manufacturers - FZE Manufacturing Solutions

Location: North Fond Du Lac, WI 54937

FZE is a leading manufacturer of CNC machining and fabrication services in the USA. Offering 3 to 8-axis milling, drilling, boring, tapping, broaching, and more, they accept AutoCAD and SolidWorks files for prototyping or high-volume production. 

Materials such as aluminum, beryllium, brass, and cobalt are used by FZE to service industries such as metrology, agriculture, construction, and dental. With their custom plating, passivating, and heat treating services they are committed to delivering superior quality. 

In response to COVID-19’s effects on OEMs, FZE has waived PPAP costs for those wishing to re-shore or resource their machined parts. JIT delivery programs and Inventory Managed programs can also be provided: businesses interested in working with this esteemed US manufacturer should reach out for an approved RFQ process, pricing information plus terms and credit check options.

4. Jerpbak-Bayless Company

shaft manufacturers - bayless company

Location: Solon, OH 44139

For over 75 years, Jerpbak-Bayless Company has been providing precision CNC machining services for a wide range of materials. 

With their expertise in alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, and more they excel at handling complex tasks where accuracy is paramount. Assembly and engineering services are also offered as part of their secondary offerings. Highly experienced in producing parts for the mining, oil & gas, and construction industries, they understand that quality is key. 

As such they meet the MIL-I 45208 Specification and can handle both low-volume production runs as well as prototypes. The team at Jerpbak-Bayless has the knowledge required to use modern technology and tools – making them your go-to choice for all your machining needs.

5. High-Performance Alloys, Inc.

shaft manufacturers -  hpa

Location: Tipton, IN 46072

High-Performance Alloys, Inc. provides businesses in the aerospace, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and mining industries with a wide range of superalloys that are resistant to high temperature, corrosion, and wear. 

Shaft manufacturers should take advantage of their extensive selection which includes Hastelloy, Inconel, Haynes, Nitronic Monel, Ferralium, and HPA cobalt alloys (Stellite grades). 

These metals come in bars, wires, sheets, and plates as well as fasteners and can be machined, cut, or ground according to project requirements. For added convenience, the company offers Kanban and JIT delivery services for larger orders.

6. Brodeur Machine Company, Inc.

shaft manufacturers -  brodeur

Location: New Bedford, MA 02745

Brodeur Machine Company, Inc. is a comprehensive job shop that specializes in precision machining and metal fabrication of parts that range from small to large sizes. They are experienced with milling, turning, grinding, and welding as well as offering wire EDM and 5-axis 3D laser cutting services for titanium and other exotic materials. 

Shaft buyers may be interested to know that they can fabricate parts up to 100 tons in weight. Finishing services like sandblasting, painting, thermal spray coating, and plasma/wire arc services are also available. 

Furthermore, the company offers full built-to-print machines, hydraulic cylinder repairs & overhauls, reverse manufacturing of parts, and machine repairs & rebuilds. Delivery vehicles are provided for client convenience.

7. Roller Bearing Company Inc.

shaft manufacturers - rbc bearings

Location: Oxford, CT 06478

Roller Bearing Company Inc. is an expert in the production of bearings and related components for aerospace applications. 

Its selection includes a ball, roller, plain, journal, and self-lubricating bearings, cam followers, collets, tool holders, pins, shafts, rollers, rod ends, and swage tubes that are designed to ensure reliable performance in various applications such as horizontal and vertical stabilizers, spoilers, flaps, slats, doors, speed brakes, and radars. 

All parts are crafted with care in the USA so shaft manufacturers can trust their quality when providing solutions to their clients.

8. Machinists, Inc.

shaft manufacturers - machinists

Location: Seattle, WA 98108

Machinists, Inc. is a leading custom manufacturer of large shafts and components for markets such as aerospace, energy, marine, research labs, and transportation. It offers a wide range of products including electric motor shafts, pump shafts, rotor shafts & spline shafts, tail shafts & liners, rudder stocks, couplings, pumps, strainers, and steering & stabilizing systems along with intricate fabrications and yacht components. 

Fabrication, welding, and machining services are complemented by inspection and finishing capabilities that allow for cutting up to 250 in. in diameter and grinding up to 102 in. in diameter. 

Additionally, the company has a gearbox repair and test center for the overhaul and improvement of gear drives like those made by Falk or Doppelmayr. With JIT delivery coupled with 24-hour customer service available at all times, Machinists Inc., is an ideal partner for businesses in need of high-quality shaft manufacturing services.

9. (GMI) Glueckler Metal Inc.

Location: Buffalo, NY 14216

GMI Glueckler Metal Inc. is a highly renowned manufacturer of customized CNC machined parts, components, and fasteners for multiple industries and applications. With precision quality products made from low and high-carbon steels, alloys, aluminum, and brass as well as pre-treated/hardened steel, GMI is the go-to supplier for shafts, pins, studs, bushings, and more. 

Highly experienced in wind power production, solar energy generation, and electric mobility technologies, the company has established itself as an industry leader. Committed to excellence in every service they offer, businesses around the world depend on GMI Glueckler Metal Inc. for reliable craftsmanship from their shaft manufacturers.

10. Precision Bearing & Machine – PB&M

shaft manufacturers -  PBM

Location: Roebuck, SC 29376-2621

PB&M is an ISO 9001:2015 certified full-service machine shop providing research and development, repairs, modifications, prototypes, and small quantity production to light and heavy custom fabrication. 

With CNC machining, waterjet cutting up to 60,000 PSI and short or long production runs all aspects of a project can be encompassed. Custom-made shafts are crafted from brass, stainless steel, alloy, Monel®, and Duplex® with a tolerance of ±0.0002 in., providing solutions for the mining equipment, textile, film, water pump, and paper industries. 

Precision Bearing & Machine is capable of bending, sawing, forming, milling, and facing among other processes to guarantee quality products that will meet their customers’ needs.

11. American Manufacturing Co.

shaft manufacturers - american manufacturing co

Location: Milwaukee, WI 53215

American Manufacturing Co. is a custom manufacturer of high-quality shafts made from different materials such as alloys, metals, exotic metals, precious metals, and plastic polymers. When it comes to their capabilities, the company can produce shafts with a maximum dia. up to 30 in., a maximum length of up to 120 in., and maximum width of up to 30 in., offering tolerances as precise as 0.0005 in. 

To ensure excellence in every product they craft, they also adhere to ISO and FDA industry standards of quality and safety assurance while also providing rapid prototyping and welding services. 

Whether you require flexible, lightweight, or large shafts, American Manufacturing Co. is a dependable source for customized parts that are designed precisely to your specifications.

12. Accurate Specialties, Inc. A Division of Fisher Barton

shaft manufacturers -  accurate specialisties

Location: Waukesha, WI 53188

Accurate Specialties, Inc., a division of Fisher Barton, are custom manufacturers specializing in bronze gear blanks, brakes, friction materials, clutches, and brake pads and rotors. 

For clients seeking shafts as an additional component, there is a variety of available options such as centrifugal cast blanks, bi-metal spun cast composite blanks, chill, and continuous cast bar blanks. 

Their services extend beyond the manufacturing stage with turnings, cuts, milling, threading, and drilling among other processes. Kanban delivery is also available to ensure customers receive their orders in a timely fashion. 

Businesses in the power transmission, marine, machine tool, automotive and oil industries can rely on Accurate Specialties for quality assurance testing and prototyping services along with expert advice from their experienced staff. 

With a commitment to excellence that ensures precision and accuracy in every product they produce this Shaft manufacturer is the perfect partner for any project’s needs.


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