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Top 26! Prepreg Manufacturers for Your Quality Composite Products

Here are prepreg manufacturers that will help your business’s aerospace and commercial products needs.

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What is a Prepreg?

Source: Mat Match

Prepregs are a type of composite material coated with resin before curing, which increases their strength and consistency. They play a crucial role in various sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, and Military industries, where possessing lightweight yet sturdy material is essential for attaining optimal results. 

Prepregs’ applications can span a broad spectrum, ranging from aircraft wings, and car accessories to bulletproof vests that require durability and strength. 

26 Best Prepreg Manufacturers Around the World

The prepreg industry, pivotal in composite materials production, is marked by a diverse range of manufacturers and distributors. These companies are distinguished by their years in business, the specific industries they cater to, unique selling points, and certifications or awards. Here’s an insight into some of the top global players in this sector

1. Coast-Line International

  • Years in Business: Since 1960
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Aerospace, Armor, Automotive, Defense, Glass, Industrial, Marine, Printed Circuit Board, Research & Development
  • Unique Selling Points: Broad range of products, immediate shipment, Sika™ Authorized Distributor
  • Certifications or Awards: ISO 9001:2015 and AS9120:2016
  • Prepreg Offerings: Coast-Line International supplies a range of prepregs suitable for various applications, including aerospace and automotive industries. Their prepregs are known for their high-quality, durability, and reliability, making them a preferred choice for complex composite structures.

Coast-Line International is a trustworthy provider of merchandise for diverse industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, and Marine. 

The company proffers an assorted collection of industrial-use materials, including vacuum bagging materials, tooling, sealants, technical fabrics and fibers, core materials, and adhesives, to clients. They also stock an extensive selection of cutting tools, abrasives, pressure-sensitive tapes, vacuum pumps, and other aerosol products. 

Additionally, Coast-Line International commercially distributes hot bonders, air tools, primers, and wipes, to fulfill their client’s specific requirements, reflecting their customer-centric approach.

2. Gurit

  • Years in Business: Since 1835
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Renewable Energy, Marine, Construction, Transportation
  • Unique Selling Points: Global operations, wind turbine blade specialization, sustainable material solutions
  • Prepreg Offerings: Gurit’s prepregs are designed for structural applications, particularly in the renewable energy sector. They offer advanced composite materials for wind turbine blades, enhancing their efficiency and sustainability. Gurit’s prepregs are also utilized in marine, transportation, and construction industries for their strength and lightweight properties.

Gurit, with its rich history dating back to 1835, is a global force in the advanced composite materials sector. They provide a comprehensive range of materials including structural core materials, prepregs, and formulated products like laminating resins. 

Gurit’s specialization in wind turbine blade innovation positions them as a key player in the renewable energy sector, contributing to the sustainability and efficiency of wind energy. 

Their global presence, with operations in multiple countries, ensures they can meet the needs of clients across various industries including marine, construction, and transportation, offering both materials and expertise.

3. Zoltek Companies, Inc

  • Years in Business: Since 1975
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Automotive, Wind Energy, Airplane Brakes, Civil Engineering
  • Unique Selling Points: Broad range of carbon fibers, specialized services such as product customization
  • Prepreg Offerings: Specializing in carbon fiber prepregs, Zoltek’s products include PAN-Based Carbon Fiber, ZOLTEK PX35, and ZOLTEK OX. These materials are celebrated for their low weight and high strength, ideal for automotive, wind energy, and civil engineering applications.

Founded in 1975 and based in Bridgeton, Missouri, USA, Zoltek is a key supplier of carbon fiber materials, which are renowned for their low weight, corrosion resistance, and electrical conductivity. Their product range, including ZOLTEK PX35 and ZOLTEK OX, finds application in various industries from automotive to wind energy and civil engineering. 

Zoltek’s commitment to advanced material development and technical support, alongside product customization and supply chain optimization, makes them a vital partner for businesses seeking specialized carbon fiber solutions.

4. Norplex-Micarta

  • Years in Business: Since 2003
  • Location: Postville, IA 52162, USA
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Ducting Solutions
  • Unique Selling Points: Clamp-together ducting, high volume, cost-effective production
  • Prepreg Offerings: Norplex-Micarta offers a variety of prepregs that cater to high-volume, cost-effective production needs. Their product range includes natural fiber reinforcements, thermoplastics, carbon, glass, and hybrid reinforcements. These materials are suitable for industries requiring durable and versatile composite materials.

Norplex-Micarta specializes in producing clamp-together ducting solutions, which are ideal for collecting dust, smoke, mist, or fumes. 

Their reusable components are especially suitable for businesses that frequently add, move or reconfigure machinery. Thanks to the clamp-together design, the need for cleaning out the ducting system is significantly reduced. 

Norplex-Micarta has a wide range of ducting components such as adapters, ball joints, angle flanges, adjustable sleeves, automatic blast gates, and many more. 

Their versatile products cater to various business needs that involve in-cut/tap-in, mist recyclers, pipe systems, O-rings, and manual blast gates.

5. General Electric Co.

  • Years in Business: Over 130 years
  • Location: Boston, MA 02210, USA
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Oil and Gas, Commercial, Industrial, Healthcare, Data Center, Telecom, Mining
  • Unique Selling Points: Extensive product range, innovative technologies
  • Prepreg Offerings: While General Electric Co. is primarily known for electrical supplies, their involvement in the manufacturing sector extends to providing high-quality composite materials, including prepregs used in various industrial applications.

General Electric Co. is a major player in the manufacturing of electrical supplies that cater to different industries such as oil and gas, commercial, industrial, healthcare, data center, telecom, and mining. 

Their extensive product range comprises power systems, transfer switches, relays, drives, contactors, and controls. The company also offers supplementary components like transformers, load centers, push buttons, power equipment buildings, and power pedestals. 

With such a diverse array of products and services, General Electric can efficiently provide the required components for businesses to operate seamlessly.

6. Isola Group

  • Years in Business: Since 1912
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Communications Infrastructure, Computing/Networking, Military, Medical, Aerospace, Automotive
  • Unique Selling Points: Copper-clad laminates, dielectric prepregs, diverse applications
  • Certifications or Awards: REACH compliance
  • Prepreg Offerings: Isola Group’s prepregs are integral in the fabrication of multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs). Their products, such as TERRAGREEN 400G and TACHYON 100G, are designed for high-speed digital and RF/microwave applications, offering excellent electrical, thermal, and physical properties.

Isola Group, a century-old company based in Arizona, is at the forefront of manufacturing copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepregs. Their products like TERRAGREEN 400G and TACHYON 100G are designed for high-speed digital and RF/microwave applications, catering to a wide range of industries. 

Isola’s commitment to innovation is reflected in their diverse product offerings, including halogen-free and lead-free versions, ensuring they meet the stringent requirements of today’s high-tech industries.

7. Renegade Materials Corporation

  • Years in Business: 2006
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Aerospace
  • Unique Selling Points: High-temperature composite materials, polyimide resin technology
  • Certifications or Awards: AS9100D, ISO 9001:2015, NADCAP certification
  • Prepreg Offerings: Renegade Materials Corporation is focused on high-temperature composite materials for aerospace applications. Their products, including AFR-PE-4 and RM-1100, are based on advanced polyimide resin technology, offering superior performance in demanding aerospace environments.

Renegade Materials Corporation, now part of Teijin Holdings, specializes in advanced high-temperature composite materials for aerospace applications. Their products like AFR-PE-4 and RM-1100 are known for their lightweight and engineered properties. The company’s focus on cutting-edge polyimide resin technology positions them as a key supplier for aerospace manufacturers seeking high-performance materials.


  • Years in Business: Since 1992
  • Location: Plainfield, CT 06374, USA
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Composite Manufacturing
  • Unique Selling Points: Epoxy-based prepregs, customized solutions
  • Prepreg Offerings: APCM LLC provides epoxy-based prepregs suitable for a variety of substrates. Their products are customizable and find applications in manufacturing processes, bonding, and potting, especially in composite part design and fabrication.

APCM LLC provides a range of epoxy-based prepregs, paste, and film adhesives that cater to different substrates such as fiberglass, graphite, woven Kevlar®, and fabrics. 

Their adhesives are compatible with wood, metal, plastic, and fiberglass, making them ideal for businesses that require binding materials. 

For a variety of applications such as honeycomb edge filling, manufacturing process substrate bonding, and potting, they offer temperature-curing prepregs that come in the form of single-sided epoxy-resin films and fabrics. 

Their products cater to manufacturers, hobbyists, and designers of composite parts.

9. Essex Brownell

  • Years in Business: 1955
  • Location: Fort Wayne, IN 46802, USA
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Lighting, Electronic, Marine
  • Unique Selling Points: Global distribution, comprehensive product range
  • Certifications or Awards: Mil-Spec, CSA approved, UL listed
  • Prepreg Offerings: As a distributor, Essex Brownell offers composite prepregs, tooling prepregs, and high-temperature cores. Their main prepreg fabrics include carbon, glass, and aramid, catering to industries like aerospace, automotive, and electronics.

Essex Brownell is a supplier of electrical and industrial equipment and supplies, featuring an extensive range of products that include cables, magnet wire, drives, insulation, hand sanitizers, motors, and bearings. 

They additionally provide balancing compounds, test equipment, adhesives, and sealants suitable for different industries spanning lighting, aerospace, automotive, electronics, and defense.

10. SHD Composite Materials Ltd

  • Years in Business: Since 2010 (Manufacturing since 2018)
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Motorsport, Automotive, Aerospace, Tooling, Sustainable Sectors
  • Unique Selling Points: Advanced composite solution, wide range of tooling, component prepregs
  • Certifications or Awards: EN 9100:2018 Aerospace Standard
  • Prepreg Offerings: SHD Composite Materials Ltd specializes in advanced composite prepreg materials. Their offerings include adhesive films and low-temperature cure tooling prepregs, suitable for autoclave, press, and oven curing. They serve various sectors, including motorsport, automotive, and aerospace.

SHD Composite Materials Ltd, based in the United Kingdom, specializes in the development and manufacture of advanced composite prepreg materials. Their focus on sustainability is integral to their operations, offering products for applications ranging from motorsport to aerospace. The company’s certifications, including the EN 9100:2018 Aerospace Standard, underscore their commitment to quality and industry compliance.

11. TCR Composites, Inc

  • Years in Business: Since 1996
  • Location: Ogden, Utah, USA
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Industrial, Sporting Goods
  • Unique Selling Points: In-house testing, R&D department, REACH and K-REACH compliant
  • Certifications or Awards: ASTM standard compliant

TCR Composites, Inc., founded by Thiokol Corporation (ATK), specializes in prepreg products like tow, fabrics, braided sleeves, and unidirectional tape. They are known for their meticulous in-house testing and a full-time R&D department. TCR’s prepregs are tailored for industries requiring high-quality composites, with resin systems matched to industry fibers for optimal performance.

12. Composites Evolution Ltd

  • Years in Business: Since 2009
  • Location: Chesterfield, United Kingdom
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Automotive, Marine, Mass Transport, Sports and Leisure, Construction
  • Unique Selling Points: Toll manufacturing of prepregs, R&D, lab-scale prepregging
  • Certifications or Awards: ISO 9001:2015

Composites Evolution Ltd produces various types of prepregs, including fire-resistant and natural fiber options. They offer unique services like toll manufacturing and special prepreg development, backed by a strong R&D focus. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their use of natural fibers and biobased resins.

13. Krempel GmbH

  • Years in Business: Since 1871
  • Location: Germany
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Aerospace, Automotive, Sports, Industrial
  • Unique Selling Points: Wide range of fiber types, custom-tailored fabrics, various resin systems
  • Certifications or Awards:  certified according to EN 9100 and IATF 16949; one of the first manufacturers of structural components to be certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001

Krempel GmbH produces prepregs for light and high-strength construction parts. Their products are based on thermosetting resin systems and are available with various fiber types like glass, carbon, basalt, or aramid fibers. Krempel’s ability to produce custom-tailored fabrics and their use of different impregnation technologies make them a specialized partner for diverse industries.

14. Fibre Glast Developments Corp.

  • Years in Business: Over 65 years
  • Location: Brookville, OH, USA
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Manufacturing, Industrial, Aerospace, Marine, Automotive
  • Unique Selling Points: ISO-certified, wide range of reinforcement fabrics, same-day shipping
  • Certifications or Awards: ISO certified

Fibre Glast Developments Corp. is a distributor of an extensive variety of fiberglass and composite materials and is ISO certified. 

They specialize in supplying prepreg reinforcement fabrics with different styles, weaves, and widths ranging from 12″ to 50″, including plain weave, twill weave, and unidirectional. Their products are suitable for manufacturing, industrial, aerospace, marine, and automotive applications. 

Fibre Glast offers quantity discounts and same-day shipping options to customers. They also provide other materials such as Kevlar® reinforcement fabrics, sleeves, and tapes, polyester, casting urethane resins, epoxy resins, sandwich core materials, gel coat polyester, vinyl ester, fabric racks, polyisocyanurate and vinyl foams, NIST-certified instruments, tools and supplies for manufacturing.

15. Lingol Corp.

  • Years in Business: 1974
  • Location: Wallingford, CT, USA
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, Sporting Goods
  • Unique Selling Points: Customized laminates, wide range of resins and substrates

Lingol Corp. is a reliable manufacturer of thermoplastic and thermoset composite laminates with varying sizes of up to 100m in length. 

Their highly versatile laminates can be customized to integrate different resins and substrates, offering unique properties catered for various industries including electronics, automotive, aerospace, and sporting goods.

Lingol’s toll processing and laminating services are known throughout the industry for providing the highest quality prepreg laminate. 

With a diverse range of resins such as Acrylic, PUR, PPS, PEI & PEEK, HDPE, PP, TPO™, epoxy, polyester, phenolic, and reinforcements including woven synthetic and nonwoven carbon & Kevlar™, woven cotton, nonwoven glass, nonwoven synthetic, paper, woven synthetic fibers, and woven glass, Lingol Corp. is a great choice for a prepreg laminate manufacturers.

16. Atacs Products, Inc.

  • Years in Business: Since 1955
  • Location: Seattle, WA, USA
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Aerospace, Marine, Military, Automotive
  • Unique Selling Points: Range of composite repair materials, custom fabrication services

Atacs Products, Inc. is a prominent supplier of composite repair equipment, systems, and materials for manufacturers in the aerospace and aircraft industries, as well as marine, military, and airline industries. 

They specialize in manufacturing hot bonders, heaters, epoxies, heating blankets, sealants, tapes, and molded urethane foam bumpers. Atacs provides a vast range of repair materials such as potting compounds, fillers, laminating resins, PTFE-coated glass fabrics, and resins. For hot bonders, accessories available include vacuum probes, thermocouple welders, and essential components. 

Atacs Products is equipped to provide services ranging from design engineering and custom fabrication to training, calibration, and repair of hot bonders. Additionally, they also offer services such as software upgrading and thermal mapping.

17. Quantum Composites, Inc.

  • Years in Business: Since 1983
  • Location: Bay City, MI, USA
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Transmission, Sports Equipment, Defense, Aerospace, Marine, Industrial
  • Unique Selling Points: Advanced ESC conductive molding compounds, thermoset products

Quantum Composites, Inc. is an industry leader in the manufacturing and advancement of engineered structural composite (ESC) conductive molding compounds and thermoset. 

The purpose of these compounds is to serve as replacement materials for metals in a continuous process in a broad range of temperatures. 

They offer corrosion-resistant features and superior mechanical strength, coupled with wear-resistant properties at high temperatures. These properties make the materials suitable for several industries, including transmission, sports equipment, defense, aerospace, marine, and industrial sectors. 

Quantum Composites provides glass and/or carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy, vinyl ester, polyester, polyimide, and phenolic products. The company routinely offers extensive engineering and design support for its products, alongside developing new applications in the process.

18. ENEOS Corporation

  • Years in Business: Since 1888
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Aerospace, Electronics, Automotive
  • Unique Selling Points: High-performance aerospace prepregs, extensive R&D in resin technology

ENEOS Corporation, a long-established manufacturer, is known for its innovative approach in the field of petrochemicals and advanced materials. They offer high-performance prepregs for aerospace applications, featuring excellent properties like high compressive strength, moisture resistance, and flame resistance. Their benzoxazine-based resin prepregs are a testament to their commitment to innovative solutions in composite materials.

19. Qingdao Regal New Material Co., LTD.

  • Years in Business: Since 2011
  • Location: Qingdao City, China
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Sporting Goods, Medical Equipment
  • Unique Selling Points: Wide range of carbon fiber prepregs, customization options
  • Certifications or Awards: ISO 9001:2015

Qingdao Regal New Material Co., LTD. specializes in carbon fiber fabric and prepreg carbon fiber, catering to diverse industries. Their expertise in vacuum-assisted resin infusion molding and RTM processes, along with their commitment to quality, as evidenced by their ISO 9001:2015 certification, makes them a prominent player in the prepreg market.

20. The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

  • Years in Business: Since 1917
  • Location: Kanagawa, Japan
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial
  • Unique Selling Points: Wide range of glass, carbon, and aramid prepregs, Boeing specifications compliance

Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., primarily known for its tire manufacturing, also excels in the production of prepregs. They offer a variety of glass, carbon, and aramid prepregs, suitable for various applications including aerospace. Their commitment to quality is evident in their compliance with Boeing specifications for epoxy prepregs.

21. Hexcel Corp.

  • Years in Business: Since 1948
  • Location: Stamford, CT, USA
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Defense, Aerospace, Space
  • Unique Selling Points: Wide product range, NADCAP certified, AS/EN 9100 standards compliance
  • Certifications or Awards: NADCAP, AS/EN 9100

Hexcel Corp. is a top composite materials and structures manufacturer specializing in producing products for the defense, aerospace, and space industries. 

They offer several products such as carbon fibers, reinforcements, fabrics, resins, prepregs, honeycomb, composite tooling materials, acoustical, foaming films, liquid shims, primers, and film adhesives. 

Additionally, Hexcel Corp. offers a range of secondary services to its clients, including testing, plating, and machining. The company is NADCAP certified and abides by AS/EN 9100 standards of quality assurance.

22. SEIREN Co., LTD.

  • Years in Business: Since 1889
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Automotive, Electronics, Sports, Medical
  • Unique Selling Points: Diverse product range, integrated operations from yarn production to sewing

SEIREN Co., LTD., founded in 1889, has evolved into a comprehensive manufacturer of textiles and non-textile products. They offer a broad range of products including automotive upholstery and electrically conductive fabric materials. Their integrated approach from yarn production to sewing demonstrates their versatility and commitment to quality.

23. 3A Associate Incorporated

  • Years in Business: Since 2002
  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Construction, Medical, Sporting Goods, Electrical, Aerospace
  • Unique Selling Points: Wide range of prepregs, specialized epoxy, phenolic, silicone resin systems
  • Certifications or Awards: ISO 9001:2015

3A Associate Incorporated offers a comprehensive range of prepregs using specially formulated epoxy, phenolic, and silicone resin matrix systems. Their products are reinforced with various types of fibers, catering to a wide range of applications. Their ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures their commitment to maintaining high standards in quality.

24. Heatcon Composite Systems

  • Years in Business: Since 1981
  • Location: Seattle, WA, USA
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Aerospace
  • Unique Selling Points: Aerospace composite repair supplies, Boeing, Airbus compliance

Heatcon Composite Systems is an esteemed producer and supplier of aerospace composite repair supplies, equipment, training, and accessories. 

Their HCS9200b hot bonder system has been accepted for use by the likes of Boeing, Airbus, and military/commuter aircraft. Immediate delivery can be arranged for quantities large or small across materials such as heat blankets, PACS machines, tools, prepregs, resin honeycomb, and bagging material. 

All supplied items are certified to meet specification requirements along with corresponding documents. Moreover, film adhesives, fabrics, bagging film, breechcloths, peel ply, release films as well as other consumables can also be provided in the desired volumes. 

The company prides itself on delivering reliable and efficient services to customers looking for composite repair solutions.

25. Composite Resources

  • Years in Business: Since 1992
  • Location: Rock Hill, SC, USA
  • Specific Industries They Cater To: Aerospace, Sporting Goods
  • Unique Selling Points: Custom manufacturing, ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C certified
  • Certifications or Awards: ISO 9001:2008, AS9100C

Composite Resources is a premier custom manufacturer accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C standards, focusing on the fabrication of composite parts. 

Services range from designing and prototyping to reverse engineering and 3D modeling, making it a one-stop shop for all your fabrication needs. Specialty components such as carbon fiber tubing, angle rods, honeycomb plates, and stainless steel sheets are produced with precision. 

Ideal for businesses in industries from aerospace to sporting goods, Composite Resources has been providing quality composite pieces on time for decades.

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