Top 12 Steel Manufacturers in Georgia

Top 12 Steel Manufacturers in Georgia

Are you having difficulty locating superior steel due to the vast array of options accessible? No need to worry! The search for superb steel manufacturers in Georgia becomes easier once you learn what to search for. 

To begin, evaluate the manufacturers you are examining. 

  • Do they have an established status in the industry? 
  • Are their products long-lasting and trustworthy? Dependable manufacturers have a confirmed history of producing top-quality steel. 
  • Furthermore, you should consider the varieties of steel that the manufacturer produces. Do they cater to your specific demands? 
  • Lastly, remember to investigate the techniques utilized in the manufacturing process. High-end steel is consistently obtained using sophisticated technology and meticulously supervised methods.

Steel Manufacturing Process in Georgia

In Georgia, steel producers have access to a variety of top-grade ore and scrap metal that can be used to create a wide range of products. The raw materials are carefully inspected and sorted by type before being sent off to the steel mill for further processing.

Georgia’s steel mills use several different manufacturing processes, including electric arc furnace (EAF) technology, continuous casting, hot rolling, and cold rolling. Depending on the desired final product, different processes may be used to create steel of the highest quality and consistency.

Quality Control and Safety Standards at Georgia Steel Plants

Quality control is a key part of the steel manufacturing process in Georgia. Every steel producer has its own set of standards that must be met before any product can be delivered to the customer. 

At most steel plants, quality control teams are on hand at all times to ensure that each batch of steel meets or exceeds industry standards. 

Additionally, safety protocols must be followed in accordance with OSHA regulations so that employees remain safe and healthy throughout the steel manufacturing process.

The 12 Best Steel Suppliers are as follows:

Here’s our thorough list of the top steel manufacturers and suppliers in Georgia. 

1. Steel LLC

Location: 405 N Clarendon Ave, Scottdale, GA 30079, United States

Steel, LLC stands out as a respected steel supplier and fabricator within the construction industry. Established in 1947, the company has garnered a prominent reputation, becoming a leading provider of fabricated steel across the United States. 

Steel LLC specializes in producing fabricated steel for mid-rise office buildings, corporate campuses, airport structures, and steel trusses. They have earned the AISC certification for conventional steel structures and complex building structures, as well as boasting a sophisticated paint (multi-coat) endorsement. 

Their unparalleled services are highly preferred by general contractors, property owners, and developers, thus making Steel, LLC the go-to manufacturer for commercial, government, industrial, and educational projects. 

Located in Georgia, Steel, LLC is highly reliable and respected within the industry, offering outstanding services tailored to meet diverse project requirements.

2. Olympic Steel

Location: 3525 Gravel Springs Rd Ext, Buford, GA 30519, United States

With over sixty-five years of experience, Olympic Steel has continuously offered high-quality steel products and services to its customers. What began in 1954 as a single warehouse that lacked significant processing equipment, has now developed into a multi-faceted enterprise providing not only warehousing and distribution of steel but also value-added processing of flat rolled metals, pipe and tube, alloy, heat treat, coated products, and more. 

Olympic Steel also offers an extensive collection of flat-rolled products that cater to various steel requirements, ranging from commercial quality to ultra-high-strength steel and specialty metals. With their expertise and proficiency, Olympic Steel has established itself as the leading steel manufacturer in Georgia.

3. Porter Steel Inc

Location: 114 Arcado Rd SW, Lilburn, GA 30047, United States

Porter Steel Inc has established itself as a leading provider of steel construction services within the state of Georgia. 

They offer consultation, detailing, fabrication, and erection/installation services. Their team of experienced project managers ensures that communication, between clients, vendors, and departments, is seamless, resulting in optimal job execution. 

The detailers and fabricators are equipped with cutting-edge technology and heavy-duty equipment, allowing them to interpret contract drawings, make any necessary alterations, and fabricate products in accordance with the customer’s requirements. Porter Steel has a history of over 40 years of successful projects, including erecting restaurants, churches, and businesses, and providing structural steel support for renovation projects spanning from medical office buildings to converted business spaces and storefronts. 

The company is also recognized for its proficiency in the installation of rail and stairs ranging from industrial rail to residential ornamental, architectural stainless, and glass rail.

4. Midsouth Steel Inc

Location: 4301 Roosevelt Hwy, Atlanta, GA 30349, United States

The top priority of Midsouth Steel Inc is safety and OSHA compliance during the delivery and installation of steel products. Their safety manager diligently supervises job sites, ensuring that they are aligned with OSHA standards. Midsouth Steel LLC is an exemplary manufacturer that contractors can rely upon.

Midsouth Steel LLC specializes in fabricating and installing miscellaneous steel that is crucial for the successful completion of building projects. Their expertise lies in providing essential services such as the creation of handrails, stairs, ladders, bollards, gates, and stair pans. All fabrication and painting tasks are executed by their experienced team on-site. 

5. Atlanta Steel

Location: 4210 McEver Industrial Dr NW, Acworth, GA 30101, United States

Atlanta Steel Wholesale has been extending its steel manufacturing services to clients across Georgia and beyond since the early 2000s. Their base of operation is established in Acworth, GA, however, their team works on projects throughout the state. 

They offer a range of services, including consulting, design-build, steel and aluminum supply, fabrication, installation, and repairs. Atlanta Steel Wholesale takes pride in delivering dependable and timely services that align with the highest standards of quality.

6. Anasteel & Supply Co

Location: 2272 Mabros Industrial Pkwy, Ellenwood, GA 30294, United States

Anasteel is a well-respected and experienced steel manufacturer in Georgia, specializing in the fabrication of rebar for commercial and heavy construction projects. Established to help their customers grow, they strive to continually improve their services, support, and value. They have accumulated considerable experience in the construction of highway bridges and other public works.

7. Madison Steel Inc

Location: 977 Ponce De Leon Ave NE # 2, Atlanta, GA 30306, United States

Madison Steel is an Atlanta, Georgia-based steel supplier with more than 30 reputable manufacturers from both domestic and international locations. Catered to a variety of industries, their services are customizable to fulfill any need—logistical support, warehousing, on-site delivery, and even flexible payment structures. 

Quality is paramount for Madison Steel: they specialize in volume purchases with direct manufacturer pricing and only work with top-tier suppliers to guarantee their customers the highest quality materials.

8. Infra-Metals Co. – Georgia Division

Location: 1561 Pine St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States

Infra-Metals provides high-quality structural carbon steel products that span from beams and tubes to sheets, channels, and expanded metal. With comprehensive processing capabilities such as cutting, drilling, blasting, and painting, they provide a one-stop solution for businesses looking for materials or services. 

As part of the Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. family, Infra-Metals boasts an impressive variety of materials with quick delivery time, making them a reliable source for customers located in the Southeast United States—especially in Georgia. Through their streamlined procurement procedures coupled with dedicated customer service and economical costs, clients can rely on Infra-Metals to fulfill all their needs with confidence.

9. Hudgins Steel Co

Location: 2359 Danbury Ln, Gainesville, GA 30507, United States

Hudgins Steel Co is a steel manufacturer in Georgia that specializes in rebar and wire mesh, as well as other accessory products. Quality is what sets them apart—all their product is made in the USA and meets ASTM and CRS Specifications. 

Their experienced staff guides customers throughout the process, from quote to delivery, guaranteeing on-time arrivals for projects with deadlines. In addition to top-notch customer service, they also strive to provide products of the highest quality. Living up to their motto ‘cut it, bend it and put it on the road’, Hudgins Steel has become a trusted source of quality steel products for businesses across the country.

10. Jonquil Steel

Location: 140 Veterans Memorial Hwy SE, Mableton, GA 30126, United States

For nearly 30 years, Jonquil Steel has been at the forefront of steel fabrication and erection in Georgia. Founded by Kenneth Clark and Thomas Aikens, they have delivered quality products for some of the most prominent projects in Downtown Atlanta, such as the Flatiron Building, Equitable Building, College Football Hall of Fame, Coca-Cola Roxy, Emory University bridge, and Grady Hospital. 

Their experience in streamlining fabricator-erector communication and managing difficult steel requirements helps general contractors save time and money. Clients can be sure that Jonquil Steel will provide reliable services with on-time delivery to ensure successful projects and a trusted experience.

11. Vulcan Steel Structures, Inc

Location: 500 Vulcan Pkwy, Adel, GA 31620, United States

Vulcan Steel Structures, Inc. is a top steel manufacturer in Georgia, recognized globally as a leading provider of steel buildings. With over 125 employees and excellence in design, manufacturing, and shipping, Vulcan can deliver more than 1,000 buildings per year with superior quality materials for all components. 

Rated the highest by Dun & Bradstreet and trusted by many businesses, Vulcan offers a full range of services and products: framing systems, roof panels, wall panels, insulated metal panels, soffit and liner panels, trim, accessories, steel mezzanine, and kits. In addition to these items, customers can choose from various colors to ensure their projects meet all requirements.

12. D.R. Steel Inc.

Location: 1800 Montreal Cir Suite D, Tucker, GA 30084, United States

With D.R. Steel, clients can be sure of receiving impeccable fabrication, erection, and installation services for steel structures with excellent craftsmanship. Committed to providing top-quality service quickly and efficiently, the highly trained staff at D.R. Steel is always ready to tackle any problem during a project. 

Partnering up with A&R Ironworks, D.R. Steel has cemented a solid footing in the commercial and residential industry while maintaining great relationships with contractors, suppliers, and architects. 

Their services include custom stairs, gates, joist web reinforcement, skylight supports, guardrail/handrail/footrail/kickplates as well as HVAC/RTU supports, X braces/kickers, custom metal fences and more – ensuring quality and satisfaction for all their customers.


When it comes to locating the ideal steel producers, can be a complex task. However, once you’ve found the perfect company, the effort will be worthwhile. Working with a manufacturer that stays up-to-date with technology and innovation is key in order to meeting your needs and expectations. 

Quality, reliability, and customer service should also be taken into consideration while selecting the optimum steel supplier for your business. And don’t forget to ask questions and research thoroughly, as having the right partner can undoubtedly have a great impact on your success.

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