Best Biochemical Suppliers USA

14 Best Biochemical Suppliers in the USA

When it comes to biochemicals, quality isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a must. The biochemical suppliers in this industry are held to rigorous standards, ensuring that every product they provide meets the stringent requirements of various industries. This includes compliance with certifications like ISO and cGMP, which are non-negotiable for ensuring safety and effectiveness.

If you’re looking for the most reliable biochemical suppliers in the US, you’ve come to the right place. 

As professionals with extensive experience in overseeing projects in manufacturing and engineering, we bring a practical understanding of quality control, manufacturing processes, and industry standards to this analysis of biochemical suppliers. Our hands-on experience in various manufacturing sectors allows me to critically assess the capabilities and services of these suppliers, ensuring that the information provided is not only accurate but also relevant to the specific needs of businesses in this field.

Key Takeaways:

  • Uncover the crucial role of biochemical suppliers in powering diverse industries.
  • Learn essential tips for selecting a reliable biochemical supplier that meets your needs.
  • Get a glimpse of leading suppliers like SAE Manufacturing Specialties Corp, Chitolytic, Inc., and ProChem, Inc., known for their quality and innovation.

14 Best Biochemical Suppliers

1. SAE Manufacturing Specialties Corp

SAE Biochemical Supplier

Location: Bayville, NY 11709

SAE Manufacturing Specialties Corp is a trusted source for many defense and aerospace industries, providing them with top-quality chemicals, energetic materials, pyrotechnics, ordnance, and aerospace components. 

Their research and development team is renowned for creating products that meet military specifications. Furthermore, they supply a full line of EOD products and services to ensure the highest standards are met. Businesses across the globe duly recognize the value of their high-quality production and supply solutions.

2. Chitolytic, Inc.

Chitosan - Biochemical supplier

Location: Toronto, ON M4M2R6

Chitolytic, Inc. is the go-to biochemical supplier for a wide range of industries in need of chitosan products. Their water-soluble lactate chitosan and off-white flake come in 60 mesh sizes and are both antibacterial and environmentally friendly. 

This biocompatible composite is suitable for many applications, including wound care, hemostat, tissue engineering, medical devices, and microcapsule implantation. 

Businesses searching for specialized solutions will be pleased to know that Chitolytic also offers custom chitosan products tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical, medical, agriculture, cosmetics, biomedical, food, and beverage industries.

3. ProChem, Inc.

Location: Rockford, IL 61109

ProChem, Inc. is a trusted provider of high-purity chemicals for industrial applications. Their product line features a wide assortment of inorganic salts and rare earth elements, precious metal chemicals (acetates, carbonates, oxalates, oxides, nitrates, and sulfates), metal foils/powders/shots, metal alkoxides, and organometallic compounds. 

Additionally, they offer electronic-grade chemicals along with bulk or custom packaging for customers seeking additional quantities. Businesses can depend on ProChem for quality materials that meet their unique requirements.

4. Allan Chemical Corp.

Allan Chemical Corporation -  Biochemical supplier

Location: Ringwood, NJ 07456

Allan Chemical Corporation is a trusted provider of quality raw chemicals for various industries, ranging from ceramics and cosmetics to fragrance, food and beverage, biochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and plastics. 

They source their ingredients from respected manufacturers around the world while also meeting compendia standards such as USP/NF, FCC, EP, BP, JP, Kosher, and Halal. 

This company is ISO: 9001 and cGMP certified. Their products include 1-3-butylene glycol, 5-sulfosalicylic acid, acetyl tributyl citrate, allantoin, aluminum sulfate, ammonium bromide, ammonium carbonate, and ammonium acetate. Businesses can count on Allan Chemical Corporation to supply them with quality raw materials along with excellent personalized service.

5. Ebrator Biochemicals Inc.

Ebrator biochemicals  Biochemical supplier in USA

Location: Santa Ana, CA 92705

Ebrator Biochemicals Inc. is a reliable supplier of biochemical products for diagnostic, academic, and research institutions, as well as the pharmaceutical, government, biotech, and healthcare industries. 

They offer a wide selection of goods ranging from impurities and indicators to dyes, fine chemicals, and biochemicals such as l-lactic, glutamic, citric, lauric, linoleic, myristic, and amino acids. Proteins, carbohydrates, enzymes, and lipids along with pH buffers, inorganic substrates, and other chemicals such as starch, chitin borax, and casein can also be found in their store. 

Their product line also features various oils including corn, olive sesame mineral, and light white. Furthermore, they carry L-tyrosine., L-leucine., ammonium sulfate., disodium phosphate., barium acetate., and potassium chloride. And sodium. Specimen bags are also available. Secondary services such as packaging labeling and filling complete their comprehensive catalog of biochemical needs.

6. Peloton Technologies, LLC

Peloton Technologies -  Biochemical supplier in USA

Location: Wooster, OH 44691

Peloton Technologies, LLC is a top-tier biochemical supplier offering specialized production of advanced materials including transportation fuels, chemicals, and biosynthetic monomers. 

These products are used in a variety of industries, such as cosmetics and perfumes, coatings, and plastics. 

Businesses that need reliable biochemical providers can depend on Peloton Technologies, LLC for dependable and consistent production of quality biochemical materials. With their expertise in this field, they are the perfect partner for organizations that require top-notch biochemical products.

7. Worldware Enterprises Ltd.

 Biochemical supplier

Location: Cambridge, ON N1S3K1

Worldware Enterprises Ltd. is an ISO 9002-certified biochemical supplier providing a wide range of biodegradable cleaning products, such as industrial degreasers, floor cleaners, metal cleaning chemicals, graffiti removers, absorbents, and biochemical cleaners. 

Their bioremediation products are used to help clean up polluted sludge lagoons, fuel spills, wetland spills, and tank farm spills. Restaurants, institutional facilities, food processing plants, factories, and farms can benefit from their effective deep-cleaning surface solutions and odor-elimination capabilities. 

They also offer containment systems for capturing and containing various fluids. Worldware Enterprises Ltd. provides dependable biochemical solutions that meet the highest safety and quality standards.

8. Biosakura

Biosakura - Biochemical supplier

Location: Pittsfield, MA 01201

Biosakura is a biochemical and plastics manufacturer that specialises in products for the cosmetic, food, packaging, and coatings industries. From nail tips and polishes to utensils and packaging material, they offer quality materials that will meet their customers’ needs. Those seeking reliable biochemical suppliers should turn to Biosakura as a dependable source.

9. CD BioGlyco

 Biochemical supplier

Location: Shirley, NY 11967

CD BioGlyco is a respected biochemical supplier, offering high-quality antigens, glycobiology arrays, carbohydrates and nucleosides to researchers worldwide. 

Dedicated to providing innovative glycoprotein-related products and services that can aid research efforts, save time and money and provide top-notch assistance in glycobiology research, the company strives to ensure complete customer satisfaction with perfect data. 

As such, CD BioGlyco is a trustworthy partner for biochemical research – delivering reliable products and services for every purpose.

10. LaunchWorks CDMO

LaunchWorks  Biochemical supplier

Location: Beverly, MA 01915

LaunchWorks CDMO is a specialized biochemical manufacturer, providing services for the life sciences industry including chemical formulation of reagents, buffers and biochemical solutions, filling into vials or bottles, kit assembly, custom packaging/labeling, supply chain management, warehousing and cold chain shipping. 

As they’re ISO 13485 certified, FDA registered and cGMP compliant – customers can be assured of high-quality products. Furthermore, with lean manufacturing capability allowing for rapid prototyping and precise production of biochemicals, their one-stop shop makes them an ideal choice for biochemical suppliers.

11. Molekula Americas

Molekula Group  Biochemical supplier

Location: Farmers Branch, TX 75234

Molekula Americas is a biochemical supplier offering an extensive range of products, such as analytical reagents, antibiotics, aroma chemicals, brominated chemicals, buffers, carbohydrates, chiral compounds, chlorinated products, coupling reagents, crown ethers, detergents, fluorinated products, furans, HPLC reagents, linkers, peptide reagents, and phenols. 

Furthermore, they provide quaternary ammonium salts and stains as well as sugar-based supplies for water analysis. If businesses are in need of biochemical items – Molekula Americas can be considered a reliable source of top-notch quality goods.

12.  Swepe-Tite LLC

Klothes - Klean  Biochemical supplier

Location: Tupelo, MS 38801

Swepe-Tite LLC is a leading US biochemical supplier, creating products such as insecticides, bed bug treatment solutions, general-purpose bio-based cleaners, glass and window cleaners, concentrated glass cleaners, all-purpose cleaner concentrates, bathroom cleaners, deodorizers, citrus-based degreasers, liquid laundry detergents, powder laundry detergents, non-hazardous and non-flammable windshield washer solvents, liquid enzymes for septic systems, digesters/deodorizers, liquid ice melts, graffiti removers and sewer degreaser and deodorizers. Adhering to the USDA bio preferred program and ASTM standards – businessmen can trust in the quality of their domestically produced biochemical items.

13. Midas Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Midas Pharmaceuticals -  Biochemical supplier

Location: Parsippany, NJ 07054

With over 30 years of experience, Midas Pharmaceuticals Inc. is an established biochemical supplier and developer providing a wide variety of services and products from intermediates to FDFs, generic drugs to consumer healthcare items. 

They also provide biotech services, business development/licensing, contract packaging, custom synthesis, API manufacturing, finished product production, and intellectual property management as well as quality assurance and regulatory affairs. 

All these are available thanks to local competence and connections along with global affiliations in major markets. When you need a reliable biochemical supplier – Midas Pharma has what it takes to unlock the untapped potential of your products.

14. Valterra Products LLC

Valterra Products LLC  Biochemical supplier

Location: Mission Hills, CA 91345

Valterra Products LLC is a biochemical supplier offering a vast selection of recreational vehicle, swimming pool, and spa products as well as plumbing supplies. Among the items, you can find adapters, hose clamps, cable hatches, door locks, thermometers, brushes, hoses, skimmer nets, pumps, and filters. 

Valterra offers contract manufacturing and assembly services for their products, with the added benefit that they are all available in stock and ready to order at any time. Businesses seeking biochemical solutions should consider Valterra Products LLC’s extensive range of premium quality items.

How Biochemical Suppliers Revolutionize Industries

Biochemical suppliers hold a crucial key to revolutionizing industries through their indispensable contributions. These suppliers play an integral role in driving groundbreaking innovations and advancements that shape scientific research, pharmaceutical breakthroughs, agricultural sustainability, biotechnological progress, and industrial optimization. 

Biochemistry has been involved in the development of many products and processes used every day.  These include the discovery and improvement of medical products, cleaning products and DNA recombinant technology which can be used to make important molecules such as insulin and food additives.

Biochemical and binocular knowledge has also assisted the quality and quantity of food production through improved agrochemicals, the development of crops with enhanced resistance to pests and disease, and the preparation of foods that improve human health, which includes pre- and pro-biotics and antioxidants.

Addressing Industry-Specific Challenges

Biochemical suppliers grapple with issues similar to those in biotech, such as stringent regulatory requirements from bodies like the FDA, and the complexities of a fluctuating supply chain. These challenges are amplified by the high stakes of ensuring quality and precision in products that directly impact public health and safety. To combat these, suppliers are adopting strategies such as proactive supply chain management, much like biotech companies use artificial intelligence to forecast and mitigate risks.

Biochemistry Applications

Applications of Biochemistry: Agriculture and Food

Increasingly, the global food system is under strain, with an increase in the prevalence of polarised obesity and poverty, and increased dependence on chemical fertilizer and pesticides, poor quality foods, environmental degradation, and the loss of biodiversity. As such, many practices are being revised and regenerated. These practices are informed by biochemistry.

Biochemistry is used to enhance plant growth, yield, and quality as a consequence of optimizing fertilizer components. Crop improvement has also been improved by way of increased tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses, alongside augmented nutritional value.

With knowledge of the mechanism of action of fertilizers, such as nitrates, the use of fertilizer can be optimized to improve plant growth quality. An example of this is the increasing use of biochemical fertilizers including nitrogen fixes, phosphorus potassium, sulfur solubilizers, and various fungi such as mycorrhiza, and Trichoderma, as well as small molecular iron chelators called siderophores that are produced by microbes.

Nutrition and Health

Biochemistry plays an important role in nutrition and health and is considered to be a powerful unsustainable tool for the improvement of health, reduction of poverty, and hunger in the world. 

Through the use of sustainable biochemistry, the commercialization of biochemical techniques is considered to be a powerful way of reducing brook global poverty and hunger and improving nutritional delivery across the world.

Applications of Biochemistry in Nutrition

The most notable way in which biochemistry has affected nutrition is through crop improvement using several biochemically-informed techniques. Since 1996, genetically modified crop varieties have been developed through the introduction of genes or genetic elements with desirable functions.

Despite concerns, genome editing tools have recently emerged as a new form of technology and have been successfully used to modify crop genomes without evidencing the use of foreign gene introduction across a variety of species. Although they have only been used relatively recently, they have greatly improved crop yield and quality.

Characteristics of crop improvement include improved nutritional and functional quality, particularly for staple crops that satisfy high demand, such as maize, wheat, potato, and rice. For example, 20% of the world’s population – over one billion people – is dependent on rice cultivation as an energy supply. 

Gene technology has been used to improve, for example, glutinosity in rice varieties. A high-amylose and low-viscosity rice variety was produced by knocking out SBEIIb, a gene for the starch branching enzyme, using CRISPR/Cas9.

To circumvent the issue caused by cold storage of potatoes in transport, TALEN technology was used to remove a gene encoding for vacuolar invertase, which catalyzes the breakdown of sucrose into glucose and fructose. This prevents the accumulated reducing sugars that cause high levels of a potential carcinogen compound, acrylamide,  produced when they react with free amino acids when cooked.

Biochemistry is also applied in the context of food contamination, with biochemistry aiding in determining detailed food chemistry. Related to this, biochemistry is essential in nutrient value tests, which can define the percentage or concentrations of nutrients in various types of foods consumed. Moreover, through a complex understanding of the macromolecular, vitamin, and mineral content of food, food can be used strategically to improve the quality of life. For example, knowledge of the effects of high quantities of sugar and fats enables doctors and nutritionists to advise patients on their dietary choices.

Applications of Biochemistry in the Fashion Industry

Biochemistry is used in biotechnological applications in the textile industry. Enzymes are used routinely to bleach and wash textiles, and to change the property of clothing, for example changing the appearance of denim or preventing shrinkage of fiber types, such as wool and cotton. Increasingly, microbial involvement in the fashion industry has begun to take hold, avoiding the use of traditional chemical processes which are associated with high levels of pollution.

Spider silk, for example, is noted for its strong flexible and lightweight properties; however, it has not been possible to farm spider silk on an industrial scale in the past. However, by using fermentation bioreactors, genetically engineered bacteria can be used to produce this in large quantities. Due to knowledge of the material properties of the silk on a molecular level, this affords significant control over the final product relative to traditional materials. Moreover, this use of technology addresses the problem of sustainability as the silk is produced in the absence of animal or petroleum material.

In fact, biochemically-mediated approaches have the potential to impact climate change, which is increasingly being recognized as a large challenge facing society worldwide. Biochemical knowledge has been used to identify solutions such as algal biofuels, carbon sequestration, and more efficient industrial processes, which can help protect the environment and enhance economic opportunities. 

Biochemical research can also be used to understand the basic biological processes as well as complex and elegant mechanisms for harnessing energy and converting it into a form that can be used. By understanding these processes, the development of advanced biotechnology products has been achieved, which enables the production of novel types of bioenergy such as biochemical photovoltaics.

Wrapping Up

Finding the right supplier is vital for business success; one must look for providers with top-notch biochemicals, great customer service, and reasonable prices. Furthermore, consistent performance and stellar after-sales support should be taken into account when making this crucial decision. Selecting the most suitable suppliers requires extra effort to get the best results.


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